Our dedicated centre in Guangzhou

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Research with global reach

Research with global reach

A history of collaboration between Birmingham and China

An historic relationship between Birmingham and China

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China Institute

China has been identified as one of Birmingham's four strategic markets, with the aim of developing joint research, promoting education and engagement. To this end the University has established a centre in Guangzhou to host our activities in China, and the China Institute at the University of Birmingham to gather together our wide-ranging research activities with Chinese partners and concerning China more generally.

We are also keen to establish fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with China across the whole range of the University's academic subjects.

Our engagement with China

We are proud of the breadth and diversity of our engagement with China, which varies from joint research centres , through a range of collaborative teaching programmes , to individual academics working with Chinese colleagues.

The China Institute

The China Institute reflects the range of our academic activities undertaken in relation to China. It hosts a variety of activities, including presentations by Chinese visitors and a range of public lectures and debates around issues relating to China.

The Guangzhou Centre

The Guangzhou Centre is the University of Birmingham's offical presence in China. It was established to facilitate joint research and education in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta region, and in China more generally.

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