Our engagement with China

Birmingham has been providing education to Chinese students for over 100 years, almost from our foundation in 1900.

Our first recognised Chinese student, Chen Han from Shanghai, joined the University in 1907 to study a bachelor's degree in mining (one of the precursor schools to the University of Birmingham's current school of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences).


By 1920 there were regularly between 10 and 20 students from China enrolling at the University each year, a small fraction of the number now at the University, but a notable prescence in what was then a much smaller institution.

More recently, Birmingham has maintained its longstanding links with China and a number of prominent professors at the University are Chinese. Through the 1990s and 2000s the number of Chinese students rose to over 900 enrolled in any one year, and every college of the University has numerous staff involved in research with Chinese colleagues or studying in China as well as a large number of collaborations with Chinese Institutions.