Meet the students

As a BFA student you will have the opportunity to get involved with team sports, pursue hobbies and interests and meet new people through many different groups and societies. 

We even have our own BFA football team, Mason Rangers, founded by one of our current students, Tresna, who now studies his undergraduate degree in the College of Social Sciences. There are always opportunities to set up new teams/groups.

We know that, as a BFA student, you will want to experience both the academic and social side of student life in the UK. We plan a dedicated Welcome week timetable for you so that when you arrive you have as many opportunities as possible to settle in, meet new friends and familiarise yourself with your new home. 

We will also take you on a weekend residential trip to enjoy team-building activities with fellow BFA students; a great way to meet the staff and students you'll be working closely with on your foundation year.

If you are unable to travel to campus yourself, visit our You Tube channel to watch films of our beautiful campus. 

Photographs of our BFA students throughout their programme can be found on our  Facebook page, or take a look through the gallery below.     

Residential weekend

The residential weekend away usually happens every October, so it gives you a chance to settle in a bit first and also before the weather gets too cold and Wintery.

Previous trips have been to PGL Liddington, which is an outdoor adventure centre based in Wiltshire. There are so many things to take part in here, the motto for the weekend is to have fun and get stuck into as many activities as possiible. You can practise your climbling, abseiling and archery skills, improve your problem solving ability, try your hand at building a raft that stays afloat as well as a bit of canoeing.

It really is a fun weekend and a great way to get to know your fellow BFA students and staff better. Hopefully by the time it finishes you will have made a few friends and have some amusing memories to take away with you.

There are plenty of great photographs of this weekend on Facebook but for a taster glimpse, check this out...










Ranya Al-Hashimi  "The activities in the trip will change me in the future by making me more fearless when it comes to participating in extreme sports or even doing new things in life. It will also make me more cooperative when it comes to working with different people around the world"

In-house events

There are plenty of in-house events that are organised for you throughout the year, so there will be plenty of things to keep you entertained. Examples of previous  events, are:

  • An end of term celebration BBQ
  • Fireworks at The Vale
  • A Christmas craft-making event
  • Basketball trip to see a game
  • A film Club
  • A BFA magazine club, where you will create your own magazine

Day trips are also arranged within your Pathways, to places like: Stratford Upon Avon to see a Shakespeare play, London to visit the Houses of Parliment, Warwick Castle, Watford to see the Harry Potter studios or on a field trip with your group.  

Other social events...

There are lots of social events organised by the BFA team and Guild of Students, as well as events organised by other BFA students. Current students have also set up country societies, which are a great way to meet people from your home country before you arrive, and a comforting group of people to socialise with if you ever miss your home. 




You can view all of our Birmingham Foundation Academy videos on YouTube


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