Research with global reach

As a research-intensive university, Birmingham is committed to conducting research that is world-leading in terms of its originality and distinctiveness, impact and rigour. We are internationally recognised for research that is agenda-setting and for transferring research outcomes to ensure positive impacts on culture and society, human health, the economy and environment.

We encourage individual excellence and capitalise on our distinctive multi- and inter-disciplinary research strengths in order to address key national and global challenges, with research that tackles global health risks, strives to identify new energy sources, encourages adaptation to climate change and even tackles the effects of ageing. We recognise that the complexity of these challenges are best met when the best minds from different disciplines are able to work together, combining their different perspectives and skills.

The Research Fortnight’s University Power Ranking, based on quality and quantity of research activity, confirms that Birmingham is the region's top university, leading the way for the UK as a whole across a broad range of disciplines including Primary Care, Cancer Studies, Psychology, Music and Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Details of our research can be found on the University's Research pages.