Live Chats

Our live chat sessions give you the opportunity to chat with staff from the International Recruitment team about courses, entry requirements, funding, scholarships, accommodation and student life at the University of Birmingham.  

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Our live chat sessions are scheduled for the following dates:

    • Wednesday 26 October 2016: 10-11:00 GMT+1
    • Wednesday 30 November 2016: 10-11:00 GMT
    • Wednesday 25 January 2016: 10-11:00 GMT
    • Wednesday 22 February 2016: 10-11:00 GMT
    • Wednesday 26 April 2016: 10-11:00 GMT+1
    • Wednesday 31 May 2016: 10-11:00 GMT+1
    • Wednesday 28 June 2016: 10-11:00 GMT+1
    • Wednesday 26 July 2016: 10-11:00 GMT+1
    • Wednesday 30 August 2016: 10-11:00 GMT+1

Join our live chats 
Visit our virtual tour platform for our live international chat, where you can put all your questions to the International Recruitment team. 

Your questions
If you have questions relating to student visas, please seek advice from our International Students' Advisory Service who can offer specialist visa advice. You must be a prospective or current student of the University of Birmingham to use this service. Please note we will not be able to offer visa advice during the chats listed above unless otherwise stated. 

If you have a question about the international live chat sessions please email us.

Stay in touch 
To find out more about studying and student life at the University of Birmingham, download our international prospectus. You will find information on programmes you can study here, our accommodation, fees and scholarships and you can also read about our current students and successful alumni.