Alumnus Profile

Kareem Abdelkader

MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting (graduated 2011)

Kareem ST-RECin-105graduated in 2011 with distinction in MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting.

Currently working in Cairo, Egypt as a Planner for advertising corporate J. Walter Thompson (JWT), Kareem develops strategies for the company's marketing campaigns based on the consumer data.

We caught up with him to see how his time at the University has aided his personal and professional development.

"Since graduating, I find myself enjoying having a job where I can apply everything I have learned from my experience at the Birmingham Business School. I enjoy the fact that I am doing something I actually like, which involves analytical thinking and creativity. I relish the multinational ambience with a very friendly environment, while at the same time being based in my home city, which means I'm amongst my family and friends."

"Previous to my education I already had a holistic understanding of marketing from a communication perspective. However, my course gave me a more profound knowledge from a strategic point of view, which is exactly what I needed for the career I was planning to pursue. Today, I can apply my theoretical and academic knowledge into a more practical sense."

Kareem recognises how his experience at the University and his degree in particular, helped him achieve this: "My Strategic Management module, in particular, was very insightful and valuable with an excellent professor. It gave me knowledge about strategy, including different frameworks, in an interesting way. It was a challenging course designed to encourage us to apply our knowledge in challenging coursework.

After initially finding certain aspects of the MSc course challenging, Kareem explained how the University supported him to overcome these and fulfil his potential: "The dissertation was a key challenge since it was the first time I had completed one – from finding a topic to researching and then analysing it. Through hard work and dedication, as well as support from my lecturers, I produced a dissertation that received a distinction, which is an achievement I am highly proud of.”

To those considering travelling abroad to study at the Birmingham Business School, Kareem has these final thoughts: "It was a difficult decision for me to leave home for a year having never been away from family and friends for a long time. However, it is a rewarding experience; one that helped me to develop as a person. It taught me responsibility and independence and made me more mature as a person. It was good to be away for some time; it gave me an opportunity to think about what I wanted and how I wanted to achieve it."