Student life at Birmingham

There is a thriving student community at Birmingham and we very much look forward to you being part of it.

To hear what student life is like for our students, have a look at what our students say. Also, if you are unable to travel to campus yourself, visit our You Tube Channel to watch films of our beautiful campus.

Student societies

Wendy Chan "There are hundreds of clubs or societies you can choose from at Birmingham. I have joined the Psychology Society and the Far Eastern Connection Group. The Psychology Society organise social, sporting and careers events throughout the year, which help to bring the School of Psychology together. FECX is a multi-oriental student society which organise cultural events, it also aided me to have a smooth transition to University life. I am still looking to join more societies so I can have a more diverse experience of university life."

FECX SocietyMany nationality groups form student societies during their time at the University of Birmingham. Far Eastern ConneXions Society (also known as FECX) has members from a variety of different Far Eastern countries such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and many more. A large majority of the FECX committee is made up of international students from Hong Kong. This is an excellent way to keep in contact with home and also provides an opportunity to highlight your culture and customs in the UK. Student societies are also a useful point of contact for prospective students to Birmingham who may want to contact current students for information. For a full list of student societies please visit the Birmingham Guild of Students website at

What our students have to say...


Wendy Chan - BSc Psychology

I am Wendy Chan from Hong Kong, and I am in my first year doing BSc Psychology.

One of the most important criteria when I was looking for universities was that I wanted to be in a big city. Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, it is modern, cultured and vibrant. Although University of Birmingham is near the city, but the red brick buildings and greens just make it feel so traditional and country. When I came for an applicant visit day, having walked round the campus and shown round the Psychology department I just knew that this is the place for me.

The Psychology School in University of Birmingham is one of the largest in the UK, it has an excellent reputation for both teaching and research. In Birmingham, you know what you learn will be up to date material, because you are teach by experts in the field. The Psychology course in Birmingham is very broad, it touches on a lot of elements, it gives a fully informed view on the validity and applicability of psychological knowledge. In addition, the department has extensive links with local hospitals and clinics, other national government department, which I know will benefit me from future career.

Having been here for a semester, my personal highlight has to be getting to know the United Kingdom, especially Birmingham much more in depth. This is highly due to the geographic location Birmingham is located, we are the only university campus in mainland Britain with its own railway station thus it allows us to travel anywhere we want easily in the weekend. The city centre of Birmingham is just incredible, it has everything you can think of, just like a mini version of London.

Living in hall of residence you will be in walking distance with your friends, which is just ideal for those night outs or having a group project to discuss. Although I have previously experienced boarding in high school; living in hall is a completely different experience. This is the chance for me to live even more independently and get my week planned ahead, so I will remember to stock up the food cupboard.

The culture in UK is undoubtedly different from home, things are done in different ways. But there are similarities which helped me to adopt very easily. The exciting life of being part of University of Birmingham will help you to get over all the worries, and you will never have time to stop and miss home, but enjoy it.

There are so many fields I can go into with the knowledge of psychology as it is such a broad subject. The university have given us vast amount of information regarding our career opportunity. There is still time for me to decide which route I want to pursuit, but I plan to further my education in the subject.

My top tip for new students coming to the University of Birmingham is to get involve in everything, do not just sit there and think it sounds good, go and give it a try there is nothing to lose, more important you might like it. Just go and make friends and have fun. Work hard, play hard.