American and Canadian Studies graduation 2012


Title: American and Canadian Studies graduates 2012
Duration: 02:44

What are we talking about? How great the course is and how great the uni is? Are you going to ask us questions?

How does it feel to be graduating today?

Really good. Really good, such an achievement. I'm so happy we got here. I'm a little bit proud of myself as well. Definitely.

It's pretty overwhelming. It's really good, really good.

It's a nice ceremony, really nice. Really good. Weather could be nicer but I didn't fall up the stairs!

What were the highlights of your course?

It was the year abroad, which is a bit strange when you say it wasn't actually in Birmingham, but Birmingham is a lot of fun it's an amazing city but the campus and everything is amazing.

We basically lived in America and Canada. Hannah was in New York, I was in Toronto so I took advantage of her New York apartment that overlooked the Empire State Building. That was definitely a highlight!

It was amazing but it was just as amazing to come back to Birmingham for our final year. I would say our final year was probably one of my best years.

To me the year in America, or you can go to Canada, is amazing, it's worth it for that really.

I didn't do the year abroad but I still say that the standard of teaching, the modules are really really interesting. It's an excellent course, yes.

What are your plans for the future?

I'm in PR already, one month in already She's a bit more successful than me! It's a three month grad scheme so hopefully I'll get a job after that but I'm going into PR and media and creative environments probably.

My immediate plans are to climb Everest! 5th September I'm off climbing Everest for a couple of weeks and after that I've been doing some work experience and shadowing, trying to work out where I want to be.

Would you recommend this course?

Absolutely, yeah, even if they're not thinking of studying, you should study it.

100%. I did History with American and Canadian Studies and, not to put History down, but I absolutely loved the American and Canadian Studies department.It's a small department, it's really intimate, it's a small department, they look after you and the year abroad is great, the support you get is amazing.

They've been so supportive all the way through and we know all our lecturers and they've been in contact with us all the time and it's been a really enjoyable course.

It's definitely worth it in the long run and with my programme I got a year abroad which was amazing, so that's always a plus point!