Dr Daniell Fuller: Contemporary Reading Studies

Daniell talks about her research.

Duration: 1:43mins


My name is Danielle Fuller, I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Department of American and Canadian Studies. For a long time I've been interested in how literary texts are made, that is produced and published, how they're disseminated, but also increasingly in how they are recieved within different communities of readers. Not only in north American but also in the United Kingdom and other regions of the world.

As part of that developing interest I've spent the past serveral years working on a large-scale inter-disciplinary international project which investigates mass reading events. So what is a mass reading event? It is in a way taking the idea of a book group and massifying it onto a much bigger scale - that scale could be across a city, region or event across an entire nation.

My research partner who is based at a Canadian University and I spent several years doing extensive field work and other kinds of  research investigating how real readers  react and interact with eachother during these kind of one book events, and also other kinds of mass reading events such as Richard and Judys book club here in the United Kingdom.

I would describe my work as having a cultural studies focus, but also I work in the field of book history and contemporary print cultures and in contemporary Canadian literature. I'm interested in supervising students in those fields and working with other researchers, particularly in the area of contemporary print and popular cultures.