Professor Leslie Brubaker 

Introduction the College of Arts and Law Graduate School, University of Birmingham. The speaker is Professor Leslie Brubaker, director of the Graduate School.

Title Professor Leslie Brubaker
Duration 3.48 mins

Why Study in the College of Arts & Law Graduate School?

Professor Brubaker - Hi I'm Leslie Brubaker and I'm the Director of the CAL Graduate School and I can think of a lot of reasons why people would want to come here. We're the top - one of the top ten in the country for Arts and Humanities subjects, we're one of the top 50 in the world so we have an international reputation as well as a national reputation. We've got a large and very vibrant research community of academic staff but particularly of importance to you of postgraduate students. Our postgraduates interact greatly - very strongly - with the research team, particularly on the doctoral level, but also on the taught postgraduate level so it’s a really research-led institution of which you are a crucial part. 

What does the Research Community offer students?

Professor Brubaker - There are constant events going on - research events, and more fun events as well. There are seminars, every school, every department; every discipline area runs seminars, often run by postgraduate students themselves, but also by staff so you've got a huge range. In addition to seminars we have things like careers days and how to take a viva, how to write a thesis, you know, all kinds of stuff that will help you develop your own skills, both specific to your research topic but also generic skills which will help you go on into the big bad world out there and need to get a job. We work a lot on I guess you could say, enhancing your employability options and letting you think about how best you want to go forward in whatever area you want to go forward in.

Facilities and Resources

Professor Brubaker - We have a world-class library, we've got an entire campus that's Wi-Fi enabled, so all the standard stuff, but in addition to that we have a dedicated research space for our own College post grads, the ERI Building that's in - with computer stations so you can basically go colonise the space and work there comfortably, free from distractions and without having to cart things around all the time. We've also got research and conference funding available to all post grads and various other forms of funding that you can apply for too for specific bits of your research and there are scholarships. There's a huge range of scholarships for home, EU and overseas students. 

Taught Programmes

Professor Brubaker - There's a huge range of taught programmes in the College of Arts and Law, both centred on a specific discipline but also multi-disciplinary so there's a great range. And there are people who are expert in all of these areas so what you're enabled to do is become an expert by learning from the experts. You can play with this - you can take a bit of this, a bit of that, you can mix and match, or you can decide you want to focus in hard on a particular topic. So you've got lots of options, lots of possibilities.

Research Programmes

You can do everything from very technical subjects to very creative subjects like Creative Writing for example, and all sorts of thing in between. We have experts in every area and I would rather than list them all I would suggest you go to the website and look at them and see what we've got available. So another thing that virtually all of the Schools in CAL offer is the opportunity to do teaching. Now, many of our students do indeed go on to become academics, in fact all of my students who have wanted to have gone on and gotten jobs in higher education, mostly in universities in the UK and abroad. But even if you don't, teaching experience is a very, very valuable skill to have as you go on and make your way in the world.