December graduations transcript

Title: December graduations

Duration: 1.42 minutes

I think the warmth of everybody being happy and the smiles of everyone keeps you warm, even in the middle of this cold weather.

I think it's a wonderful time to graduate, in December, because in the summer it's far too hot in the Great Hall and in the marquees, so I think it's really nice, just before Christmas, to have this experience. 

Cold! Because in China, we all graduate in the summer! But it's wonderful. 

Because I'm enjoying, I don't feel that it's very cold, but it is very cold because it's going to snow tonight.

Students who graduate in the winter, they do face cold weather, but there are advantages because the Great Hall looks absolutely wonderful at this time of year. It's beautifully lit, the Christmas tree is lovely. 

It's always a sign that the festive season is upon us, we're being gregarious and exchanging best wishes with the people who've come through the system, at Christmas, so it's wonderful.