Bob Holland


Robert Holland, Lecturer at the University of Birmingham's Centre for English Language Studies, discusses his research interests.

Duration: 1.58mins

I'm Robert Holland. I've been here at the Centre for English Studies at the University of Birmingham for about 15 years now.

In very general terms, I'm interested in concepts of ideology and of culture as those relate to discourse. How it is that particular kinds of ideas and views of the world are realised in discourse and how some of those become aculturated - that is woven into the fabric of a particular society as normal or natural or taken for granted or self-evident. And how other ideas might not become aculturated in that way and the role that language plays in those kinds of successes or failures.

I'm also very interested in issues of inter-cultural communication. How it is that particular societies succeed or fail in communicating effectively, one with the other, and the role of language in those kind of interactions. My original professional background was in language teaching.

I spent about 15 years before I ended up here in Birmingham teaching English and, to a lesser extent, French in various parts of the world. So, I'm also interested in aspects of ELT, particularly those that interact with or intersect with my other areas of research interest. Social and cultural aspects of language learning and teaching and the effects of social and cultural factors on the language learning process.