Dr Gabriela Saldanha

Dr Gabriela Saldanha, Lecturer at the University of Birmingham's Centre for English Language Studies, discusses her research interests.

Duration: 2.13 mins

My name is Gabriela Saldanha.

I've been working in CELS for the last three years. I co-ordinate the MAs in Translation Studies for Distance and Campus-based learners. My area of research is, of course, translation. In the past, I've dealt with issues of translation and gender. I've looked at the ways that men and women translate, whether there are any differences in there approaches to translation.

For a while I've also been concerned with issues of style in translation. The question that has interested me is whether we can speak of a translator's style in the same way that we talk about an author's style. And, if so, whether we can distinguish features of the translator's and the author's style in the translated text and what those features can tell us about the translators themselves.

Lately, I've started looking at issues of reception. That means how translated literature is received in a particular literary system. For example, how Latin American literature is received within the English-speaking world or, more specifically, within the British literary marketplace. What authors get translated and what authors don't? Whether there are any policies or preferences expressed by publishers. What reviews say about translations and things like that.