Antonia - MOMD Spanish advanced

Antonia, a third year Economics student, discusses taking Spanish as an MOMD. 

Title Antonia - MOMD language student at the Centre for Modern Languages
Duration 3:22 mins

I’m currently a third year Economics student and when my department agreed that you could do a module outside the main discipline I chose to do an MOMD Spanish Advanced course.  I’m doing that in my third year now and enjoying it very much.  I chose Spanish because when I was 16 I lived a year in Mexico as an exchange student so I picked up Spanish quite a lot during that year but never did basic grammar classes, so when I came here I chose to start again and build up the level of grammar.

I think it’s really nice to have an MOMD, especially Spanish language, because it cancels quite a lot of the pressure that you get from your theoretically based degree like Economics which is lots of Maths, lots of reading, lots of theory, and then you get 2 – 3 hours a week just talking, talking about different stuff completely to your degree, and it’s nice to have that distraction from your regular week.

The exercises we do in class vary from week to week so we have 2 – 3 hours every week and the teachers try to make it as interesting as possible.  So you’ve got your basics, obviously there’s grammar that everyone has to do and students don’t really like very much but you have to do it, and then you’ve got audios, videos, text book exercises, group exercises, all sorts of things where the teachers can get you to talk about your own interests, habits, cultural events in Latin American countries and Spain.  You can also compare the differences and discuss them so England, Germany, France with Latin America and Spain, so it’s really interesting, and then you’ve got your homework, things you can do at home from the text books or worksheets where there’s a vast majority of exercises, and you can decide how much you want to do each week, how much you want to put into your language.

I hope I can manage to use my Spanish in the future because I think Economics with Spanish has great potential, especially because Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world.  So I hope as I’m a third year now I’m applying to do a banking course in Spain or maybe apply to a company that has branches in Spain, which is England-based or German-based, just to have a little bit of time in either Spain or Latin America.

I think students should take a language MOMD because of the great opportunity while you’re at University to improve or pick up a new language, because in the globalised world of today it’s really important that you speak another language, it looks great on your CV and you get to learn about new cultures or deepen your knowledge of these cultures, whether that’s Spain or Latin America, and I think it’s a great opportunity that you get to know new people outside your main degree.