Barbara - Open access German intensive I-II

Video interview where Barbara discusses her reasons for taking the German Intensive course at Languages for All.

Title Barbara - Open access language student at Languages for All
Duration 4:13 mins.

I’m doing a German Intensive language course and that means I’m doing 3 hours a week rather than 2 hours a week, and I decided to do it because my son has just got a job in Germany.  He’s engaged to a German girl and I can see that I’ll be visiting Germany quite a bit.  To enjoy that I think I need to know some German.  Also, I think mixing with their friends……..My son is fluent in German and he always speaks to his fiancée in German, so I think to understand a little bit of what they’re talking about I need German.  My mother was German but I never learnt it so I do feel as thought it is something that I ought to do.

On my Open Access course there is quite a range of people.  There are Undergraduates who are studying German as part of their degree, Postgraduates who are planning to go to a conference in Germany, and also somebody who has just got a job in Germany.  Some of the people have got partners who are in Germany, so lots of different reasons.

In my class even though there’s such a wide age range – from 18 to my age, and cultural diversity as well, from all over the world, we’re all there to learn German, and we all work together really well, supporting each other and helping each other.  We’re all comfortable with the teacher, we can ask questions and ask for extra help if we need it, so it’s lovely.  I really do enjoy my class.

At the moment I’m doing the Intensive course and this is 3 hours but next year I certainly hope to continue and that will be just 2 hours, but I feel that I’ve had a really good start doing the Intensive course this year.  The courses start in October and as this Intensive course finishes at the end of March, there is a Summer Course, a holiday course which I definitely will join just to keep my German going.  Before I start the next level I will have visited Germany at least twice, if not three times.

I think the advice I’d give to anybody starting a language is that they’d definitely need to have some motivation and some reason for doing it and perhaps to plan a visit to the country so that they can use the language or so that they’re not so dependant on other people translating for them.  I think it’s the independence it’s going to give you that’s going to make you really feel that you want to do it.

I was really pleased when I was able to send a thank-you card to my German in-laws.  They’d sent me this lovely necklace as a birthday present and I was able to write that card in German.  I felt it was really important to have written it in German and I was able to because I’ve done this course.