Introduction to the Centre for West Midlands History transcript

Title: Introduction to the Centre for West Midlands History

Duration: 3.04 mins

Malcolm Dick: The Centre for West Midlands History is a forum for scholars inside and outside of the University of Birmingham to pursue their research - to share their findings and disseminate the work they have done. The mission of the Centre is to establish it as a Centre of excellence for the study of regional history but also of the study of local history in general.

P1: It's useful for people to know about the history of Birmingham and their local area - well I find it interesting because I've only lived in Birmingham for 40 years so I'm always finding out new things.

P2: If you aren't a student - if you aren't affiliated to a university or college but you have got an interest we do want to find out more... it’s all about this thing of lifelong learning - it’s not about getting qualifications, it’s just about being interested.

P3: You really need help and guidance.. to talk through your ideas with people or perhaps get help with publication, and so there is a need really - I'm really pleased that they've done it.

Malcolm Dick: We're encouraging not only the dissemination of the knowledge of the history of the region but the development of projects and research activities. History is one of those subjects where a wide range of people outside of academic life are engaged in pioneering, interesting and scholarly research and these can be people who are curators or archivists, or librarians or archaeologists, but there are also independent scholars who have a deep interest in the history of their local area.

P4: There seems to be a great interest and a need for more information and for better research.

P2: The Centre will help people in the area that are interested in researching the history of Birmingham and the Midlands. 

Malcolm Dick: Within the Centre for West Midlands History we've also developed a 'Friends' organisation, which is a network of scholars both inside and outside the University - people engaged in heritage activities, people engaged in independent research, to provide a forum where they can share their ideas, learn from different experts, engage if you like in the process of knowledge exchange. 

P5: You never know what you're going to discover which person you're going to meet, to further your own research. 

Malcolm Dick: If people have got a serious interest in the history of the West Midlands region then do get in touch via the details on this website.