Deputy stage manager Heather Burgess discusses student production transcript 

Video: Deputy stage manager Heather Burgess discusses student production

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I'm the deputy stage manager so I'm in charge of queuing the show. Queuing the lights and the sound. I start the show by doing all the front of house calls, getting all the actors backstage and making sure they're in position. 

I've been in rehearsals with them for four weeks and so I know the show really well. All the actors are really good friends so I can queue it because I know them all.

In third year you get to choose different modules. The practical module I chose was in stage management as opposed to the other guys who chose the production. So I can perform next term in a similar way to them but not as a big production like this but I chose to be part of the technical team on a show.

It's one of my practical modules that's 20% of this year so this is basically the whole module in the five weeks, which is scary in a way but really exciting because it's really hands-on. It gives a really good opportunity to work on the technical team and get an idea as opposed to just in a lecture theatre or even just acting. We do that quite a lot. It's really helpful for me because it's something I might want to go into and they make it a really professional show so you get a really good understanding of what it would be like in a professional theatre.

Dress rehearsal went really well yesterday so I think it's going to be good. There are a few mistakes but that's to be expected so you can iron them out before tonight. All the actors are really great so I think it's going to be a good show.