The Wicked Lady Transcript 

Video: The Wicked Lady final rehearsal

Duration: 2:05 mins

M name is Peter Leslie Wild. I'm a theatre director and I was invited to come and direct this third year production module production for the university drama department. The play is really interesting in that it's fairly recently written in the last three or four years by Bryony Lavery who has quite a long association with this department actually.


It should be fun, we've got a big audience coming in. We've got a lot of our friends who are also doing the production module at a later stage of the course. 

I'm quite nervous, I didn't sleep very well last night. But, no, hopefully it will go really well, we had a great dress rehearsal last night.

I don't really feel like it's happening yet. We're still rehearsing at the moment so it feels like a standard day. I think it will feel slightly different when 7 o'clock comes around and you get into full costume and makeup and you can hear the audience buzzing, etc. That will be good as it will start getting the adrenaline pumping.

My mum and grandma are coming from Portugal because that's where I'm from, so that's pretty exciting. They're coming on Saturday for the last performance and I have a couple of friends from other courses, from Halls, that are not doing Drama and want to support me, which is really sweet.

I think the whole point of this module is they kind of train us to get in the mindset of being a professional actor, which is not particularly teaching us how to do it, it's kind of testing us in the real world as it were.

It's been really fun. It's been really hard work but it's been a great way to start the term because it's been really intense.

It's been an amazing experience, especially because we're working with a director that we've never met before and we're actually seeing how real actors work.

It's just great to see it all come together and finally be part as a third year as an actor. In the first and second year we've been working on the technical side and it's finally what we've been working towards in our degree.