English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies 2011 graduates 

Video with interviews of students and parents on Graduation Day.

Title English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies 2011 graduates
Duration 4.02 mins

It's a wonderful celebration of our students and their achievements. It's a beautiful day in Birmingham for them to celebrate together with their parents and their families and rightly so. We're incredibly proud of their success. Our finalists this year have worked particularly hard as they do every year. It's the culmination for them of four years of very hard work.

Kind of weird. It's weird to have finished now for good and know I'm never coming back, but so happy and proud of myself.

I'm feeling very excited and such a relief that it's all over.

Really happy, yes. Quite proud of myself to be honest. It's strange that it's gone so quickly and everything. Today's been really nice.

Very emotional. Very happy. Relieved that the weather's been so beautiful today and mostly just very sad to be leaving the department.

Elated. A really good day.

Quite ecstatic.

Excited. It's a scary day because you actually are officially a graduate. But, yes, really fantastic. Really enjoyed the day, it's such an amazing campus, beautiful sunshine. It's lovely chatting to lecturers and talking to everyone and seeing your friends and family. It's a really, really lovely day.

I'm going to have a year out to go travelling and get some work experience and then I'm converting to Law.

I've been offered a job working down in the West End and I've got a postgraduate course which I'm doing in September.

I'm back next year to do a Masters and quite a few of my friends also are doing Masters.

I plan to go to Japan on the 12th of September so I'm going to be doing that for a year and I'm teaching English so I'm quite looking forward to that.

I'm going to the Edinburgh Festival in a couple of months time where I'm writing a play and producing it.

I'm not sure. I've done quite a lot of voluntary experience in the Arts sector so I'd quite to follow some of that up and stay within the Arts sector really because I'm not entirely sure exactly which direction I'd like to go in. Quite possibly into publishing, something like that.

I'm hoping to teach so I'm going to be applying for my PGCE in the next few months.

I'm doing a Masters at King’s College London so I'll be starting that in September.

Very proud, really pleased that the last few years, they've gone so fast, but they've been successful.

Extremely proud, the proudest day of my life seeing him graduate.

Immensely proud, she's worked very hard for the whole three years. She's put a lot into the university and university life and to come out with a First Class, I'm extremely pleased.

It brought tears to my eyes when I saw him in his cap and gown, it's been worth it, it really has.

That's definitely worth a hug.

I'm so proud of him, yes.