Transcript of Deborah Longworth discussing postgraduate supervision in English literature

Title: Dr Deborah Longworth discusses postgraduate supervision in English Literature

Duration: 2:06

I'm Deborah Longworth and I research in late nineteenth and early twentieth century literature, mainly with a focus on the novel, on women writers and on the modernist period - 1915 to around the middle of the 1930s.

I'm particularly interested in recruiting phd students who work in that sort of field. I've published quite widely on writers such as Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Richardson, Katherine Mansfield, other women writers of the period, and also on cultural concepts and histories of modernism, modernity, particularly the city and writers exploring and writing about the city and the changes of urban life in that period.

My current work is on three writers called the Sitwells. A sister and two brothers - Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell - who were an aristocratic family who were very very famous in the 1910s and 20s, as part of the Bright Young Things of the period, but have largely been written out of histories of modernism since. They were sort of celebrity writers of the time as it were. So I'm sort of recovering their reputation.

I'm also interested in the celebrification of writers in the 1920s. Their popularity, how they appeared outside of the more elite cultural circles. How they were presented to the public in magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. That's a current field I'm working on and students who are interested in that I'd also be very keen to support and supervise.