English with Creative Writing graduates transcript

Title: English with Creative Writing graduates 2012
Duration 3:39mins

How does it feel to be graduating today?

It's amazing. It's kind of like the build up of three years and all of that hard work has paid off and it's just great. The best feeling.

Quite daunting I think! I don't know just what to do next now!

Really good, a bit tired though, a bit of an early start. I'm really pleased and I'm doing the Masters programme in Creative Writing as well so I really enjoyed this degree. I get on really well with the tutors and it's just been really fun. A really fun three years.

Mixed emotions obviously, yes. Very much looking forward to what's next but also this is not an easy place to leave.

What were the highlights of your three years?

Do you know what? I really enjoyed my second year. I think the modules were just amazing and I don't know what it is, I think it's when I got into the work the most. After your first year you're just kind of getting into it. In second year, the pressure is not quite there yet, I just found it quite enjoyable and relaxing as well. Also, my dissertation, I did enjoy doing that too.

I really enjoyed doing the dissertation because it's a chance to just do what you come here for. The way the course is structured you feel really prepared to do it because you've learnt all you need to learn and you get the feedback from the tutors. So that was a highlight and I think seeing the society now, knowing that I helped set it up and how big it's become, I think that's a bit of a highlight as well.

We always had quite a large group going to local stuff in the first year and then we started running our own events to which we had close to 100 people pretty much for every poetry event and you think, poetry, not that many people would be interested in watching poetry.

What are your plans for the future?

I'm going to get a part-time job and do the masters degree part-time.

I'm starting 'Teach First' in 2013. You're working with disadvantaged schools and you're helping to inspire children so they can achieve and you're improving educational attainment.

Just immediately I'm doing a proof-reading qualification so I can do some freelance work. I'm going to spend a year out working on my writing because I did creative writing and then I'm going to either come back here to do the MA or somewhere else.

've been accepted to the Creative Writing prose MA at the University of East Anglia, so that will be next year and then from there we'll see in terms of whether I continue on to the PhD or if I want to start writing.

Would you recommend this course?

I totally would. I was actually in, I think, this marquee last week, recommending it to open day students. I think it's a really good programme.

Definitely. It's such a varied course. You do the literature, you can do language if you want. You also get the creative writing and you get an MOMD, which is a Module Outside the Main Discipline.

I could not recommend it highly enough and not just because I've been here these three years and I think it's good, the fact is that it is good. The tutors are absolutely fantastic and just within the three years I've been here.

Oh yes, for sure, definite, definite. It's like a family, the Creative Writing team, it's a very kind of informal, very close. There's only 40 students doing Creative Writing and, yes, I would recommend it to anyone who's interested in becoming a writer.