Transcript of Susan Hunston discussing postgraduate supervision in discourse analysis and corpus linguistics

Title: Susan Hunston discusses postgraduate supervision in discourse analysis and corpus linguistics

Duration: 2:20

My name is Susan Hunston and the research I do is focused on discourse analysis and corpus linguistics.

In discourse analysis what I've mainly done is to look at the language associated with evaluation. Things like stance and appraisal. Anything where people are expressing feelings or opinions really.

With corpus linguistics, I suppose I'm best known for my work on patterns and the patterning that occurs around individual lexical items. Most recently I've brought both these interests together and looked at how you would investigate evaluative language in a corpus.

One of the things I'm very interested in is the language of academic disciplines. I'm particularly interested in recruiting students who work in that area and work in a corpus way in that area. I have had some students in the past and have some students now who are working on academic disciplines from the point of view of corpus linguistics but also discourse analysis.

This is an area that I'm particularly keen to recruit students into. It's very nice to have a community of students who work together and I develop my ideas with them and they develop their ideas with me. We kind of feed off each other when it comes to developing our ideas.

Growing interests I think are the language of interdisciplinary fields. The progression of the kind of themes I'm interested in over time and how science is presented in a way to lay people. How science is presented to ordinary people.

Those are three particular areas that I'd be very keen on recruiting new phd students to.