MA West Midlands History 

A short video on the MA West Midlands History, introduced by Dr Francesca Carnevali.

Francesca Carnevali I'm Fransesca Carnevali, and two years ago we set up this new MA in West Midlands History. What we decided to do was create an MA that would allow people with jobs, or people returning to study to undertake graduate work. And this is why this MA in West Midlands History is taught through the medium of Saturday Day Schools rather than in the evenings or during the week. 

Student 1 I decided to join the course because I - as you can see - I'm getting on a little bit and I thought, 'I've got to keep  my mind working'.  And as I approached retirement I wanted something to keep me going for ever and a day really and have another interest.

Student 2 The course so far has been really interesting - it's brought me into contact with things that I really knew very little about before.  One of the things I really find about it is that I think that the Day sch9ools are very good.  You learn a lot.  You learn a lot about yourself as well as the subjects that you're being taught.  There's a good camaraderie amongst the group.

Francesca Carnevali The course is taught as a part-time degree which means it runs over two years and the students have to complete 6 taught elements and write a dissertation.

Student 1 I have to say also - apart from the presence of the group, the staff here are excellent as well.  I've been on several courses in my life, short courses, and I have to say that the staff on this particular course exceed anything that I've been on before.  And furthermore they're helpful as well.

Student 2 It is a course that allows you to be selective so that you can pursue your own interests within the course itself. 

Francesca Carnevali   Well the students will come away hopefully having had a lot of fun, and having learnt a lot of interesting things.  having developed their intellectual capabilities and feeling challenged to not only passively sit back and listen because anybody can do that - come to a lecture - but also develop their skills as historians and I hope this is what they will come away with - not just a piece of paper that says Masters of Arts in History - but they will come away having trained as historians.  

End of transcript