Rome study trip

Title: Rome study trip

Duration: 4:20mins.

My name is Becky Peake-Sexton, studying English Lit and Art History.

I'm in second year, studying History of Art

I'm Holly and in my second year of French studies and History of Art Joint Studies.

My name is Bea and I'm in second year doing History of Art and Italian Studies.

We went to Rome as a group of about 32 people.

The point of the study trip is to get first hand of experience of a chosen piece of artwork. 

You go to Rome and see it in the flesh and do the research behind your topic.

The department pays for the flights and accommodation and insurance as well, so we only had to think about our spending money really.

It was amazing. Just because we've seen so much of it, so many of the things, so many of the buildings, the paintings are so familiar but it's completely different seeing it all together in the flesh obviously.

Loved it. Haven't been before so it was really fantastic to go. So much to see, round every corner a new surprise. 

I was really impressed by the architecture and the fact that everything was quite close together and so I thought that it was going to be a huge city and you'd have to travel on metros to get to everywhere but it was mostly just walking along and stumbling across things.

Every day we visited probably averaging about three different churches and then probably one or two museums as well.

We had an itinerary which everyone stuck to and then you could go off and do your own things and for my presentation I want to look at the Ara Pacis so on the day off I went to the Ara Pacis and spent a lot of time looking and researching at that. 

I found the studio of my sculptor and so we had a look round there. 

Personally, the highlight for me was going to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore because I love the ceiling in there and its really really powerful and you get shivers when I walk in there.

I think because so much of our course is just looking at the most famous paintings so you don't get that and we've got the Barber so you get to see a lot but just seeing things in the flesh and getting to make your own first-hand observations of it was really beneficial. 

There are lots of highlights of the trip. I think one of my personal favourites was seeing Bernini's Apollo and Daphne sculpture, it was just incredible and also the free day that we had. We got to just go round and make our own mini-itinerary. I had a really enjoyable day just going to key fascist sites of fascist architecture.

I think the highlights were just the meals together and everyone getting together on the trip.

Because I do Joint Honours Italian Studies and History of Art it was really good to practice my Italian all week. I found myself doing a lot of ordering of food and a lot of negotiations in shops and stuff which was great for me because I always need to practice keeping my Italian fluency up so yeah that was brilliant.

The food was amazing, I just really enjoyed sampling local Italian cuisine and wine as well in the evenings. Just going out in the evening for a few drinks with friends and getting to know the rest of the group was really good and really wothwhile for the whole trip. The whole group is quite small so everyone managed to bond together a bit I suppose.