History of Art undergraduates

Title: BA History of Art undergraduate students

Duration: 4:20mins.

Birmingham's just a really great university. It's got an amazing campus, loads of different, really diverse people. 

Obviously, it's a really highly regarded university in its own right, but for me the main strength is the fact that you can get the best of both with campus and city which not very many universities can offer in this country. So you've got a really beautiful campus with lovely architecture, very green, and only two miles from the centre of Birmingham which is really cultural and cosmopolitan.

I think the facilities are brilliant, particularly here for History of Art and Music. You've got the Barber Institute which is second to none. 

Sometimes in the lectures we'll actually come up look at the paintings face to face. You really get to see what's on the canvas, which is really useful.

Also, for the images which we can't find in the gallery, we've got a really good online database, Diaphanous, which is perfect for essays and presentations. 

It's quite a small programme, which means that you know all your colleagues really well as well as the lecturers on more of a one-to-one basis.

It's really wide-ranging, especially in the first year which is good because there can't be many people who come to study History of Art who know exactly what they want to do so it gives you a good overall study of History of Art. And then for the second year, you can specialise a bit more and in the third year, obviously with the dissertation hopefully you've worked out exactly what you want to do.

I didn't study History of Art at A Level so I was a bit apprehensive about feeling like I would be behind of the class in everything. But in first year one of the modules you do gives you a really good overview of History of Art and different approaches and methodologies so it was really nice to be able to learn everything before you go and specialise into certain fields in your second year as well.

The fact that it's a relatively small department means that they're relatively easy to contact and also just an email away.

They've also got a really wide range of specialisms which means that they can offer a wide range of modules to the degree. They're really supportive and very encouraging, asking us to come and see them whenever we want to for advice, support with our essays or anything that we're researching.

Everyone knows your name. Lectures don't feel so scary or formal, it's just a really friendly discussion, when talking about work, readings and everything.

We have regular personal tutor meetings. Also, I find a lot of my lecturers really passionate about their specialist subjects so it really inspires you to work harder.

This year I'm doing something called Real and Ideal, which is the nineteenth century France module which covers the social and political issues of the period, male and female nude, orientalism, themes like that.

I specialised in fifteenth century renaissance which worked really well with what I did in first year. It's nice to be able to pick something from last year and develop it into greater detail.

The fact that you can  also study a module outside your main discipline is good because I'm studying French as a language which is obviously really useful. 

I'm in third year this year so my special subject is post-modernism which has been really challenging but also it's made you think a lot more and it has been a real progression from the other two years. 

In your second year you also get a year abroad which will be really fun, we're going to Rome! 

We went to Berlin and we were there for a week, it was. The entire course was paid for by Birmingham which was amazing. We stayed in a really nice place, we went to loads of different art galleries, we all bonded as a group, that's where I really secured all my friendships.

I've actually applied to do a Master in Art Curatorship at the University of Sydney so this is really exciting and I feel like this course has really prepared me for that as well. 

I'm hoping to get an internship in one of the auction houses in London so I'm particularly looking at Christies, Sothebies and Bonhams.