Dr Roger White on distance learning at the Ironbridge Institute 

Dr Roger White discusses the Distance Learning programmes at the Ironbridge  Institute.

Title Roger White on Distance Learning at the Ironbridge Institute
Duration 1.63 mins

We offer a couple of distance learning programmes at Ironbridge. The main one is the Heritage Management degree, MA in Heritage Management. It's the same as the conventional one in that you learn about heritage and its significance, conservation and business management (how to run a museum or a heritage attraction. 

But the main point about it is that of course you can continue working while you study. You get the best of both worlds. You're reskilling for a new job or improving your existing skills while still carrying out your work.

We find it's very popular with students. The most popular bit is when we get together right at the beginning of the course and have a social day and also learn about how to use the equipment, but then later on in the year we go off and do a study visit. In the first year, that's in the West Midlands. In the second year we go somewhere, for us as lecturers in the West Midlands, we go somewhere exotic. 

This year we did Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, next year we're going to do Kent, the year before that we did Newcastle. It's really good to get around the country and see these heritage attractions, talk to the people who run them and really get to the nitty gritty of what happens when you run a museum. The unexpected things as well as the good things and the bad things. It's great fun and we have a wonderful time and you meet people from all over the place. You've got people from America and Georgia, I'm interviewing someone from Madagascar this week so we've got all sorts coming on the course, it's really exciting to be on.