Timber conservation

Title: Timber conservation

Duration: 7.47 mins

Today, the Historic Environment Conservation students are attending part of a two-day course in timber conservation. Today's study will be on non-structural timber - so, joinery and historic timber production.

The day takes part in various ways. We have both lectures, which we've had this morning, and visits to workshops.

We have a variety of lectures from the trade. We talk to contractors and we actually do a lot of looking at buildings. These students are both first and second year students undertaking the building conservation course. After this, they'll be writing up an assignment on other non-structural timber.

Steven Treasure is the company director and is very hands-on. They undertake bespoke work, not only in this part of Shropshire but in all surrounding counties.

They have their own specialisms. We aren't going to the masonry yard, but they have their own stonemasons, fixer masons, banker masons. They have a very strong timber tradition, both in joinery and in carpentry.

We'll split up into a couple of groups. We'll all cover the same ground. One of the things we do is obviously the sash window which many people see them in position but seldom see them in a knocked down condition and realise what goes into a sash window.