Transcript of LNAT video

Dr Gavin Byrne talks about the LNAT test for applicants to Birmingham Law School's undergraduate LLB programmes.

Video: The LNAT for Birmingham Law Applicants

Michael Collie – BBC Presenter and former student

Increasingly UK universities are using admissions tests to help them select candidates. At present they are used for the most competitive courses. The University of Birmingham currently uses the Law National Admissions Test or LNAT as a means of distinguishing between candidates.

Gavin Byrne – Admissions Tutor, College of Arts & Law

Different Law Schools in the country that require students to take LNAT use it in different ways. At Birmingham Law School we use it in the following way. First of all in order to assess whether we want to make you and offer we look for a good performance in LNAT. Students can practice for the LNAT test but there is a word of warning. If any body offers to coach you through LNAT you should not accept that offer, if somebody offers just for a tidy sum to tell you everything you need to know about studying for the LNAT don’t accept it. The reason being that LNAT is an aptitude test, it has been designed specifically to test natural aptitude and is not something you can sort of cram or study for, in the same way that you do for say your A level results. Instead if you want to practice for LNAT you should go on to the website, and there are a number of sample questions and past papers that you can use there just to prepare yourself for what the exam will be like. In addition, it’s probably a good tip to read the editorials from a broadsheet newspaper on a daily basis. Some of the passages that you are asked to read and indeed the essay we ask you to write is in the style of that type of editorial.