Student Profile Transcript: Gabrielle Theunissen-Blackshaw

Second-year law student Gabrielle Theunissen-Blackshaw talks about life at Birmingham Law School.

Title: Birmingham Law Student: Gabrielle Theunissen-Blackshaw

Why Birmingham?

I chose to study the LLB at Birmingham for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the Birmingham Law School has operated for over 80 years now so it’s very reputable.  Secondly, Birmingham being the second largest legal centre outside of London offered many legal opportunities and I think that’s really important when studying law, it being such a competitive course.  And then most of all when I came to visit the campus on a post application day I fell in love with the campus, its absolutely beautiful, there’s so many facilities on the site, from a veg market every day, to a hairdressers and even a Starbucks so literally its like a village of its own so I really love it.


I think the teaching is really great.  Some of the lectures have really funny teaching methods I think they’d do better on Live at the Apollo.  They sometimes put funny pictures in, or a little clip of music so it really helps you to remember a certain case name when you think back to that funny moment.  Also there’s a lot of support from your supervisors, you can go to them in office hours or indeed in the supervision.  So if there is anything you are confused about then they can clear that up for you.


There are so many facilities, not least within the Law School, but on campus itself, from the Harding Law Library, you know, one of the things I worried about was having to buy loads of text books.  The University recommends one core text for each module and then there’s all the other textbooks you will ever need in the Law Library, the Harding Law Library, and so you can take them out on short and long term loans.

Career Opportunities

Birmingham City itself is the second largest legal centre outside of London and because of this a lot of the firms come after us and so that’s a great confidence boost I think as well.  So there are a lot of career evenings, commercial awareness evenings, that these firms host and they are really well advertised through the Birmingham Law School.  Also I’ve been to A Day in the Life of a Barrister which has been held by the University alongside the College of Law and that’s been great to really get an experience of what a day in the life of a barrister is like.

Extra-curricular Activities

Birmingham University has so many extra-curricular activities that you can get involved in from sport, from going to the gym and the Guild of Students has tons and tons of societies that you can get involved in.  There is something to suit every taste.  Even if that society isn’t there, if you can find ten people who are interested you can set up your own society, so literally the opportunities are endless.  I myself am a member of a political society and I am a Campaigns Officer for that and its something that I really enjoy.  I am also a member of one of the sports teams as well so its great fun.

Future Plans

Having attended so many careers events hosted by the University Birmingham Law School I have decided to start applying for vacation schemes and then I hope next summer to apply for a training contract in the commercial, corporate law field in London.