Student Profile Transcript: Stacie Nicholls

Law student Stacie Nicholls talks about our LLB programme and life at Birmingham.

Title: Birmingham Law student Stacie Nicholls 

Why Birmingham?

I definitely wanted to come to a University that was in the top 10 for Law for career prospects and I also wanted to stay close by, I’m from Derbyshire, so I booked on to an Open Day, came to look round, found really comfortable.  Went to a talk by one of the lecturers, he was really engaging.  I think that is really important.  I wanted to actually turn up for my lectures, I didn’t want someone who was boring and would make me want to stay at home or in bed.


The lecturers know that they’ve got to engage you in the lectures so some of them use little funny jokes to make you understand concepts a bit better.  Like Martin George in Land Law for co-ownership used the Spice Girls video Two Become One to illustrate the principle and also when there was a really boring statute that we had to read he told us to bark like badgers when we were done.  It just makes you want to go to lectures.


Supervisions, they’re small group study after your lectures, you have pre-prepared work that you go into a small group with and discuss.  I find they’re really beneficial to your learning because you can focus what you’re meant to be studying so you’re not learning irrelevant material, so that you’ve got all the skills and the knowledge for your exams so you can pass them.  I also find it’s really beneficial to discuss it with someone who knows the law really well, so that if you haven’t understood something in your lecture you can clarify it with them and other members of your group.


I think the Law library, is definitely, it was a major draw for me to come to university and it’s really helpful because the Main Library, especially in exam periods can get really busy obviously because it’s a massive university you’ve got other student’s doing other course.  So the Law Library there is always space, there’s always the books that you need and they are always really helpful if need any materials.


There are lots of career opportunities.  The Law School has really good links with Law firms so they always come in and do talks so that you can learn more about the firms that you’re meant to be applying to.  The Law Fair especially was really beneficial cos there was about 40-50 Law firms you could go round and see which ones you liked the most.  I personally went on the Law in the City event which was an opportunity to go to London for the day and go into two of the major law firm’s offices.  It was an event for about 20-30 law students.  You went down to London for the day and the top commercial law firms, about six firms, sponsored the day.  You could look round the offices, you listened to talks by their partners and got to ask them information about how to apply for their vacation schemes and training contracts.

Future Plans

I had a few career routes in mind.  I was going to go to the Bar but decided it wasn’t for me.  So I am currently applying for vacation schemes for commercial law firms and then will hopefully get a training contract, do my LPC and then go on to do commercial law in London.