Department of Music, University of Birmingham 

Video introducing the Department of Music. 

Title Department of Music, University of Birmingham
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Composition here is very much integral to the whole department and it can be studied right through all the undergraduate years and through postgraduate level.

The Centre for Early Music Performance is really something unique in British higher education institutions. It offers a full range of possibilities for students from undergraduate level to postgraduate. 

We are one of the few places, either colleges or universities, that offer postgraduate degrees in performance practice. You can actually do part of your degree as a performance on an early instrument and part of your degree is a thesis.

All the hard work that students put into studying music history, harmony and counterpoint and all the other basics through which we put them, come into fruition in their final year or at postgraduate level and for example they can begin to work with original sources.

Here, for example, we have Henry Purcell and Purcell's own hand.

When I arrived my main interest was composition, particulary electroacoustic music. Undergraduate facilities are very good. It is a great place to study. Friendly. The music department itself is very close-knit, a community really.

Everyone has got a creative impulse. Everyone can get excited about sound and I think when you're little kids you are excited about sound. It's very important to me that what we do here is alive, hands-on and it's engaging with the sound world that we've gone through in the twentieth century.

Anything is possible now and we've got a lot of resource to make that possible for students coming here.

For me, Birmingham really incorporates everything that I wanted in a university. It has a campus, it's in a big city and there's a lot of culture, there's so many things you can go and see.