Inter-cultural theology and Pentecostal studies 

Dr Andrew Davies discusses his research.

Title: Inter-cultural theology and Pentecostal studies
Duration: 1.22 mins

My name's Andrew Davies.

I trained originally as a bilblical scholar, a PhD in Old Testemant from the University of Sheffield, and I'm now working here at Birmingham as a senior lecturer in inter-cultural theology and pentecosal studies. 

So really my research interests are the overlap of those three areas, the Bilble, culture and Pentecostalisma nd how they inter-react.  So I'm interested in the role of religion in culture, how religion is changed by and changes different cultures throughout the world and within our own country. 

I'm interested as well in different cultureal representations of Pentecostalism so what different styles of Pentecostalism looks like throughout the worl for instance, Asian Pentecostalism compared to European Pentecostalism and I'm interested in how the Bilble affects everyday life, so for instance the whole idea of it as an ethical resource for living in today's world is quite an interesting one to me. 

But in particular the two main areas where my work has focussed is in Pentecostal hermanutics for starters so how Pentecostalism used the Bible, and what's distinctive about their way of reading the Bible and how they apply it in todaye's world. And also the use of the Bible in music, how music can be a means of communicating the message of the Bible and interpreting in different cultural contexts.

So those are the two areas where I've spent most of my time in recent years.