Catherine Weston, BA Philosophy and Theology

Catherine, 2nd year BA Philosophy and Theology (Joint hons),  describes her experience of studying at Birmingham.

Duration: 3:13mins

I'm Catherine and I've just started my second year in Philosophy and Theology

Why study Theology and Religion?

It's something that interested me reaslly. I did religious studies at A level and really enjoyed it and found it interesting. I did a kind of Christianity and philosophy mix and loved it so decided to look at it at uni.

Question: Why Birmingham?

I really like the city, especially all the little canals and around the mailbox. the campus is gorgeous, really leafy. I wasn't expecting it in a big city, something  quiet which is what I'm used to, so that's why I chose it 

Question: Is Birmingham a good city to live in?

Definitely. You're close to everything so it's easy to get around. The public transport isn't that expensive and there's so many train stations and places witin walking distances, and there's the bullring, which is amazing.

Question: How have you found the course? 

I really enjoyed going back to the moral pjilosophy again. It was really interesting to expand on  stuff I'd learnt before. Also in theology it was interesting to look at theories about believers stopping believing and like that, so I quite enjoyed doing the research on that.

Question: How have you found the staff?

The staff are really helpful. whenever I've been stuck or needed any help they always been willing to help me. Both my welfare tutors have been really good at sorting out my problems and helping me find stuff and sort out any issues I've had so they've really helped me settle in.

Question: Have you been involved in any student clubs or societies?

I was in the choir last year so I'm joining again this year, which has been really good to meet people. I've also got a part-time job in the guid which has been really good - I've met so many people through that. It's been great to broaden my frienship groups a bit.

Question: Tell us about the placement module you took

They gave us the opportunity to take a placement in Theology. We didn't have to do it but it sounded quite good so I took a teaching placement. I didn't actually want to be a teacher before I did it, but now I'm really set on doing it. You do seventy hours of placement basically, in anything - it could be teaching, people have gone to Zambia to do seventy hours of stuff there building fences etc. So there loads of things to do and it's basically to talk about your transferrable skills and you have to write an essay about it at the end. It's basically made me realise what I want to do after uni.