Hannah Matthews - Theology and Religion alumni

Hannah talks about her experience of being a student in the Department of Theology and Religion

Duration: 1:06mins.

Hello, my name is Hannah Matthews.  I originally came to do a BA in History of Art and Theology at the University of Birmingham in 2004 and I chose Theology here because of the diversity of modules that were offered, you could basically tailor your modules to your choices of what you wanted to do.  I was more interested contemporary theology and I found it was a brilliant avenue for being able to do that. 

I also did an MA at Birmingham University in 2008 and it really built on the skills I’d learnt during my BA at Birmingham University and I had brilliant support from my dissertation tutor, went into areas I didn’t think I’d ever go into.  I am now actually working in Theology at a Trust which works in educational projects supporting congregations, schools, FE and it’s really built upon the experience I gained at University and without the experience that I gained particularly in my MA I don’t think I would have actually got the job there.  So I’ve directly got into something related to my degree.