Jennifer Miscove - Theology and Religion alumni

Jennifer, from Californai, talks about her PhD research and her experiences of studying at Birmingham

Duration: 1:07mins

Hi my name is Jennifer Miscove and I'm originally from California, and I decided to head out to the lovely weather in Birmingham to do my PhD. I'm doing a PhD in Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies and there was one point in my studies I was thinking of transferring back to California to be coser to home. I talked to a Professor there and he said don't come back - the best place to study what you're studying is where you are. That made me happy that I was here and it's been an incredible experience. What I'm studiying is... I'm the first person ever to do a PhD on the life and work of Carrie Judd Montgomery. I've actually just published my first little book on her called Spirit Flood, but she was basically one of the most influential women in the Divinde Healing movement and she's never been studied in-depth. I'm looking forward to publishing more on her in the future and I really encourage you, especially if you're women interested in studying at postgraduate level to come out here because it's a great place to be.