Jessica Kemp, BA Theology and Religion

Jessica talks about her experience of doing BA Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham


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My name’s Jessica Kemp and I study single honour Theology and Religion

Question: Why do you think theology is good to study at university?

I think the reason why to study Theology is a good things is that we live in such a society of the multi – multi-faiths, multi-ethnic. So for that reason it’s so important to learn and educate each-other and yourself and remove the barrier of the fear factor. It’s just a really enjoyable thing to do so that’s why I would definitely encourage people to study Theology at this university

Question: What do you like about the department?

The thing that makes this department special is that everyone is so friendly, really approachable. They make a real effort to let you know who is who – who’s there to support you and who’s there to help you. It’s just a really friendly place to be.

Question: How do you find life in Birmingham?

Being in Birmingham is brilliant. It’s so much fun. I felt like I wanted to be in a city - I’d had enough of town life. There’s so much going on. Shopping is great, night-life is great and there’s so much to do off-campus and on-campus and the transport link to the city from here is brilliant, because obviously the uni has it’s own train station.

Question: Has this course helped you prepare well for your future career?

 Theology, I always say to my friends and my house-mates, is brilliant for preparing you for your future careers, specifically so in your second year when you get to do a placement course or a presentation course. The placement will prepare you if you wanted to go into say teaching – you’d go and do work experience in a school in the summer after your first year. If you do the presentation course you learn skills that are so important – multi-media skills that will prepare you for the workplace. There’s a great support network here as well in Arts and Law with careers advice. Theology does really help you to prepare for your future career, whatever it may be.

Question: Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities?

There is so much to get involved in. You don’t feel that you have to, but if you do there’s so much you can do. They have society fairs right at the beginning of your first year, so you can see what’s going on. I felt that I just wanted to do one thing each year to put on my c.v. for career purposes. In my first year I decided I wanted to be the student representative for the first years in the Theology department. In my second year I’m involved in parr sessions where I helped out first years with their modules. So there are loads of things to get involved in – there’s sports and societies and clubs after lectures, and again it’s a brilliant way to meet people and friends and new people.

Question: Would you recommend Birmingham as a place to study Theology?

Abosolutely. So much going on, friendly place, beautiful campus, it’s just a great place to be.