Maddy Parkes, alumni

Maddy Parkes, Department of Theology and Religion alumnus, discusses her experiences at the University of Birmingham.

Duration: 3.12 mins

 Hi, I’m Maddy Parkes and I graduated in 2008.  I came to Birmingham to do a degree in Theology and Religion and I actually come from Dudley which is not far at all from Birmingham, so I was a home student.  I chose Birmingham mainly because of the reputation of the University.  The campus was fantastic, the department were friendly and most importantly the degree that they offered was incredibly varied in the module choice. 

I’d looked at Theology degrees at other institutions and they were all, its fair to say, quite boring and plain.  Theology here in Birmingham offered such a diverse range of different philosophies and faiths to study and that was something that I was really interested in so I chose to come here. 

I am currently working in the NHS and my main role is to do research and design teaching materials for nurses and doctors across the NHS to provide spiritual and religious care. So you can imagine that my degree in Theology is so so helpful to help me with my work. The best thing about Birmingham is just the diverse range of people that you meet, the friendliness of the folks, the city itself is a great kind of arena to take up all kinds of activities and the one thing that I learnt the most of about university life it that the best conversations you will probably is after a lecture, with a coffee, with some friends, discussing what’s actually been said in the lecture and how it applies to your real life.  That’s been invaluable for me and I’m still in contact with a lot of people today who I sat down with those coffees with. It was a great experience and I recommend anyone to do Theology at Birmingham.