Michael Clark: Medieval Greek manuscripts

Duration: 1:12

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My name’s Michael Clark. I’m a PhD student here at the University of Birmingham. I’ve been here about two years. I’m studying Medieval Greek manuscripts. There’s an unedited and unpublished text from the eleventh-century. It’s a biblical commentary, not by one author but made up of excerpts from earlier authors. It was made in the eleventh century by Nicetas of Heraclea. He was a bishop of the Eastern church and a teacher. The commentary was probably the text that he taught from when he was a teacher there on his class on the Gospel of John. Basically I spend most of my time working with the manuscript. The thing I like is that there isn’t a lot of secondary literature on my text, so I’ve been doing things like identifying where the different extracts come. Even some of the more basic questions like how many copies of this text do we have? haven’t been answered so I’ve written a paper on that recently.