Ryan Parker: BA Theology and Religion

Ryan discusses his experiences of being a student studying Theology and Religion at the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion.

Duration:  2:20

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My name’s Ryan and I’m a third year student studying Theology.

Question: Why do you think Theology is a subject worth studying?

I think theology adds such a fabric, an underpinning of the society we have today and it’s been such an important part, and it so great to learn about it, not even just for the predominant one through English society, but everywhere throughout Europe and the rest of the world and to see what part that plays in twenty-first century Britain today.

Question: Do you think Birmingham is a good place to study Theology

I found it to be a fantastic place. Not only for the diverse range of people, but the diverse views and the ability to interact with people. It’s such a fantastic city to see all these faiths expressed in such vibrant ways – it’s been really really good.

Question: How has the course prepared you for further study or a future career?

I’ve really felt the course prepared me for further study in time management, ways of co-ordinating all the tasks I’ve got for regular deadlines, which has been fantastic especially as I’m looking at going into teaching – I think it’s been a key aspect of development. As well as communication, being able to work individually and in groups which has been a good aspect to develop here.

Question: What do you enjoy most about your studies?

What do I enjoy the most? I just think the fact that the lecturers are so engaging and the topics that they talk about are just so stimulating that it’s really been a pleasure for me to go away and study these works and texts that we’ve been delivered on a weekly basis. It’s just been fantastic the way the lecturers are so involving and caring as well, even outside the lecture room. They go that extra mile, they really do – make sure you’re supported and you’re getting on well with your work.

Question: What would you say to someone thinking of coming to Birmingham to study Theology and Religion?

I think there’s many reasons someone would want to come to the University of Birmingham. One thing is the campus – the campus is fantastic, with it redbrick buildings – it stimulates a great working environment. I think the people around here, from all over the country it’s been fantastic to meet them, and for me a way to grow by meeting all these different people. And as I said, the lecturers are really fantastic. The go the extra mile to ensure that you are supported and that you’re getting on well at university and that you have the atmosphere really to flourish not only academically but to pursue a further career.