Tom Sorell: Postgraduate supervision in the field of global ethics 

Tom talks about some of the research areas he is interested in supervising in the field of global ethics.

Duration: 2:23

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My name is Tom Sorell, I’m Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics. I mainly wanted to talk about the topics I want to supervise for PhD’s. I’m very keen to get applications from people who are interested in working in human rights, most areas of human rights, and in other areas of applied ethics. Some of the areas of applied ethics I particularly welcome applications in would overlap with topics of on-going research projects. Those are research projects in security – broadly speaking, so we’re interested in surveillance, we’re interested in counter-terrorism, we’re interested in responses to emergency. All of those raise ethical issues, and we’re particularly interested in those.

We have other interests in public health and other interests in economic justice. In public health we’re interested in the ageing population and in the things that allow people to remain independent for longer in their own homes. We’re interested in that on a pan-European basis and even internationally. So we do some work on tele-care which is the use of technology for enabling people to stay in their homes safely for longer when they’re older, and we’re interested in some ethical issues that arise through the use of robotics in the home for the elderly.

Then we have an entirely different line of research that we’re pursuing on economic justice, on people who are financially excluded who are not able to get access to banking services like savings and insurance, and we’re very interested in rights they may have – especially rights after the financial crisis.

We’ve just got a big grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council for talking about the obligations of the financial sector, especially the banks, in the light of the failures they had to regulate themselves, the mis-selling of many different products including mortgages that led to the financial crisis