Welcome to the Shakespeare Institute

Professor Michael Dobson, Director of the Shakespeare Institute, introduces the Institute and discusses the wide range of work which takes place there.

Title: Welcome to the Shakespeare Institute
Duration: 2.42 mins

Welcome to the University of Birmingham Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Here at the Shakespeare Institute, we offer the immense challenge of understanding Shakespeare's works, Shakespeare's times and the impact of Shakespeare on the modern world.

We do so with a very supportive staff, some of the best resources in the UK and a diverse community of international students.

'Ok, so to begin with, let's just get that identified. So, if you could write on that folio13...'

My colleagues are experts in their fields. They do research on Shakespeare and creative practise, on Shakespeare and education, on the performance history of Shakespeare's plays, on the history of Shakespeare's texts, on the social and theatrical contexts in which Shakespeare worked in the renaissance and on the material culture of Shakespeare - the things and objects that we can still find that he worked on in his own time.

All that expertise is there for you and every week we add to it with visiting speakers to our Thursday seminars who come from Shakespeare experts all over the world.

We have the best Shakespeare collection of any UK university. And we work with all the other research libraries in the area. So at any given moment our students can look at Shakespeare's will, 18th and 19th century playbill collections, Ken Branagh's shooting scripts. If you add in all the electronic resources at your disposal, you will have everything that's relevant to Shakespeare for your study.

We know that you may not have the time or resources to come to us for an uninterrupted year, so we've organised our programmes as flexibly as we can. You can take the courses at weekends, you can take them in weeklong blocks or you can take them online.

Of course, you will be supported by our staff and you'll have access to all the electronic resources of the institute. So you can mix and match the different ways that we offer our programmes to make up the whole degree at the Shakespeare Institute.

We hope you'll come and join our students soon. Not only in the courses that we offer but in the performances in the garden. Or perhaps at Britgrad - the enormous conference that our students organise at the end of every academic year.

You're very welcome to come to a Thursday seminar or make an appointment to come and talk to one of our staff by emailing us in advance.