Advice for new students

Video of this year's graduates offering advice to this year's new students.

Title Advice for new students
Duration 2.18 mins

Erm, I trying to think what I would have liked to have been told... Just be yourself, use all the resources that are there - you won't necessarily know that they're there - but if you use my bham portal, and if you ask members of staff, if you ask the English office, any of the tutors can - they're all excellent. Just use everything that you have at your disposal because you really do have so many resources that you don't necessarily realise are there.  And the Welfare tutors are excellent as well so if you are sturggling with the first few weeks of being here don't give up - just seek the right advice and you will find it.  

Just to enjoy yourself in the first year, that's the only one you can really enjoy yourself in.  Make the most of it while it lasts and to work hard obviously to pass the year so you get into second year as well.  To enjoy university life - because it's the best four years of my life.

I would say throw yourself into everything and meet as many people as possible and take evey opportunity presented to you.

Words of advice for freshers?  Don't try too hard in the first year and burn out, 'cause you'll end up missing a first by one percent. 

Just enjoy it.  It's so much fun and you get so much out it you just... go for it.  Just enjoy it.  

During first year join as many things as you can like as many societies and as many things as you want to write for, play in, whatever.  Just do as much as you can.

Play hard in the first year, work hard in the second and third. They gradually get harder but play hard in the first year.  I don't think that's very good advice but - its truthful.  Its the way to go.  And read the books - that's the other one.

Just get into the library as soon as possibl becuase that's the hub - its where you meet everyone.  Its the best place to be.  Get in as early as possible and make sure you go out with people you room with. 

Really start revising early.  Start - yuo know - planning and preparing stuff early like, do not leave it to the last minute 'cause if you doss your first year you'll find it really hard when you get to your third.  So yeah, just put your all in. 

Begin early.  Begin ealry.  But enjoy every moment.  Make sensible choices and gain advice - because they're always there to help, so just go and ask lecturers, they're always going to give you a gerat deal of advice.  And enjoy it!  Don't work too hard.