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The University of Birmingham's efforts to gain a deeper understanding of cancer is reducing the time it takes to bring our advances in medical research from petri-dish to patient. The University's world-class centre for Cancer Sciences combines the talents of our leading academics with the excellent surgeons at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Birmingham Children's Hospital and is improving the lives of people who have been touched by cancer worldwide. 


JoMorrisDr Jo Morris, Senior Lecturer in the School of Cancer Sciences, is working on a new way to understand and diagnose breast cancer. 

"Patients with changes in a gene called BRCA1 are at very high risk of developing breast cancer. By understanding how this mutation causes cancer, we will revolutionise treatment by speeding up diagnosis and therefore improving survival rates. It's amazing to get up in the morning and know you're doing something that matters," says Dr Morris.

RichardVineyMr Richard Viney, Senior Lecturer in Urology is leading a groundbreaking clinical trial in prostate cancer.

"By using an innovative combination of High-Intensity-Focussed-Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment to heat and cool the prostate to destroy the tumour, coupled with a powerful immune system stimulant, we will protect patients from prostate cancer with a minimally invasive procedure. We hope to improve life-expectancy and may eventually provide a cure for thousands of patients," says Mr Viney

Andrew-PeetProfessor Andrew Peet, Reader in Paediatric Oncology, is revolutionising treatment for children with brain cancer.

"Children's brains are very fragile when they are developing. Our research provides non-invasive scans to identify the type of tumour and how aggressive it is to enable us to develop the best treatment plan for each child. Ultimately, we are improving treatment for children and if we can cure them, they will have a long life ahead of them," says Professor Peet.   


How can I help?

You can help us to give children the best chance at beating brain cancer, to improve the life expectancy for prostate cancer patients and a chance of symptom relief, and to speed up diagnosis and provide personalised breast cancer treatments for sufferers.

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All donations, from £3 to £3000, have a massive impact on the speed at which our teams are able to translate research into treatments. From providing the antibiotics required to protect the cells needed for breast cancer research to funding a month of prostate cancer trials, your support at any level will make a difference. 

You can text Save to 70030 to give £3, or alternatively you can give online.

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If you are interested in finding out more about our research, or would like to make a donation over the phone, please contact Laura Fairbanks on +44(0)121 414 8894 or email giving@contacts.bham.ac.uk