From students to alumni


Graduation may seem like a long way off but if you’re curious to know how you can keep ties with the University once you’ve got your degree, this is the section for you.

When you graduate you automatically become a member of our alumni community of more than 170,000 graduates. Your relationship with us doesn’t end on graduation day – it continues long into the future. In fact, it’s a lifelong relationship.

There are so many benefits to keeping in touch with the University. Whether you want to build career connections, maintain friendships, support the University’s research projects and campus developments, encourage existing students to reach their full potential, or stay up to date with the latest University news, we have a host of communications, events and ways to stay connected.

Click on the links below to find out how you can make the most of your relationship with the University of Birmingham.

Introducing DABE (Development, Alumni and Business Engagement)

Graduating and becoming an alumnus

Support for students from the alumni office

Get involved