Reunion Attendance List

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Please note that this list only includes those that have given their permission for their name to be listed (last updated: 14 September 2017)

Golden Reunion

George Bowater (1940 MBChB Medicine)

Geoffrey Edwards (1952 BSc Chemistry)

Norma Broadbridge (1954 BSc Botany, 1992 MSc Sport and Exercise Sciences)

James Varjavandi (1955 BSc Chemical Engineering, 1959 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Robert Bolt (1957 BA Geography)

George Wiltshire (1957 BSc Minerals Engineering)

Keith Childs (1958 BSc Metallurgy Engineering)

David Woodford (1960 BSc Metallurgy Engineering)

Hashim Abdul-Wahab ( 1962 BSc Civil Engineering)

Saverio Bayada (1962 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Tess Bayada (1962 BSc Mathematics)

Michael Dean (1962 BSc Mathematical Physics)

Brian Halling (1962 BSc Mathematics)

Dr Valerie Herr (1957 BCom Industrial Economics & Business Studies)

Anthony Emery (1964 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Janet Emery (1966 LLB Law)

Dr John Higginbotham (1966 BA Chemistry)

Rowena Kovacevic (1966 BA German Studies)

Tariq Al-Salihi (1963 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Dr Phil Mitchell (1963 BSc Biochemistry, 1967 PhD Biochemistry)

Dr Susan Tittensor (1962 BSc Chemistry, 1965 PhD Chemistry)

Harald Torgard (1962 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Michael Briggs (1964 BSc Chemical Engineering, 1967 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Richard Allen (1965 BCom Industrial Economics & Business Studies)

Sheila Oxspring (1966 BSc Zoology; 1986 PGCE Education)

Jane Quinn nee Gledhill (1966 BA German Studies)


1967 - 50th Anniversary Reunion

John Aird (BSc Minerals Engineering)

Lesley Aird nee Mer (BSc Chemistry)

Helen Allen (BSocSc Social Study)

Elizabeth Ballantine (BSc Botany)

Shiela Basford (BA French Language & Literature)

Chris Brough (BA Geography)

Meredith Carter (BSc Geography)

David Collins (BSc Chemistry)

Dave Cook (BSc Geography, 1969 MSc Geography)

Malcolm Dunstan (BSc Civil Engineering)

Kaye Jessica Elliott nee Frankish (BA Geography)

Beryl Emery (BSocSc Social Study)

John Evison (BSc Civil Engineering)

Kate Evison (BSc Chemistry)

Stephen Farrow (BSc Chemistry)

Dorothy Garton (BSc Microbiology)

David Gale (BSc Chemical Engineering)

Terry George (BA German Studies)

Alan Gilbertson (BSc Civil Engineering)

John Harries (BSc Physics)

Richard Hinder (BSc Physics)

David Harrison (BSc Civil Engineering)

Peter Hartley (BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Robert Howard (BA Geography)

John Hudson (BSc Chemistry)

Lynne Hughes (BSc Plant Biology)

Peter W Hugill (BSc Geography)

Jennifer Lambert (BSc Biological Sciences)

Rosemary Lambert (BA German Studies)

William Lawrence (BSc Civil Engineering)

Derek Lee (BSc Civil Engineering)

Charlotte Lister (BA History)

Graham Lister (BSc Mechanical Engineering)

David Longmore (BSc Geography)

Storm Morgan (BA Geography)

Tony Munton (BSc Geography, 1969 MSc Geography)

John Newbury (BSc Physics)

Andrew Newman (BA Geography)

Paula Nicholson nee Grant (BSocSc Geography)

Barry Nickels (BA German Studies)

Jennifer Ogden nee Morgan (BA German Studies)

Ruth Oliver nee Pinkard (BSc Biological Sciences)

Glenys Pickens nee Litherland (BSocSc Social Study)

Derek Taylor (BA Geography)

Jennifer V Tellez née Banks (BA Geography)

Arthur Walford (LLB Law)

Ted Waters (BSc Civil Engineering)

Dr Judy White (BA Geography)

Peter Woodrow (BSc Civil Engineering)



Tony Klug (BSocSc Economics, Politics & Sociology)



Joe O'Meara (BSc Medical Biochemistry, 1975 MSc Biochemistry)


1972 - 45th Anniversary Reunion

Kay Alexander (BA English, 2013 DUniv)

Jean Bath (BSc Mathematics and Computer Science)

Fernando Chiyoshi (PhD Engineering Production)

David Fleming (BSc Civil Engineering)

David Pickles (BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Richard Styring (BA History, 1974 MA Centre of West African Studies)



Stephen Tomlinson (BSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering)


1977 - 40th Anniversary Reunion

Roger Clayson (LLB Law)

Shelagh Facchini (BSocSc Geography)

Lesley Histrop (MA Shakespeare Studies)

Leslie Hurst (BA English)

Steve Kearns (BA Rusian Language & Literature)

Dr S M J Linford (MBChB Medicine)

Mary McDonnell  (LLB Law)

Kay Nellins (LLB Law)

Jean Newton (LLB Law)

Anne O'Meara (LLB Law)

David Platts (BA Russian Language & Literature)

Richard Rae (BSc Statistics)

Annaphie Rogers (1977 LLB Law)

Paul Stepto (BA Russian Language& Literature)

Simon Stowe (LLB Law)

Rosalind Wright (LLB Law)



Vincenzo Facchini (PhD Biochemistry)



Janet Coleman (BCom(Acc) Accounting and Finance)



Ahmet Nejat Arda (BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Andrew Kightley (BSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering)

Ahmet Over (BSc Mechanical Engineering)

David Hazel (BSc Physics)



Patricia Bowler (BSc Biological Sciences)

Keith Cocks (BSc Physics)

Dr Neil S Coleman (MBChB Medicine)

Anne Duncan (BA French Literature)

Gregory Farrelly (BSc Physics)

Ashmita Garrett nee Dev (LLB Law)

Mary Haire (MSocSc Social Work)

Elizabeth Harris (BA French Language & Literature with Theology)

Roger Hiorns (LLB Law)

Kathy Hosker (BA Geography)

Johanna Hudson nee Chattle (LLB Law)

Janet Ilett (LLB Law)

Nicholas Harris (LLB Law with Politics)

Clive Henderson (LLB Law)

Adrienne Jones nee Humphreys (BSc Geography)

Helen Kavanagh (LLB Law)

Jeremy Kelly (BA Geography)

Christine Knox (BSc Chemistry)

Stephen Mahoney (LLB Law)

Karen Murphy (BSocSc Social Policy and Social Work)

Steven Perkins (BSc Physics)

Carolyn Pike (LLB Law)

David Reade (LLB Law)

John Riches (LLB Law)

Howard Scott-James (BSc Statistics)

Simon Style (BSc Geography)

Paul Tosswill (BA French Language & Literature)

Alison Trounce (BA French Language & Literature)

Gail Tutcher (BSocSc Industrial & Labour Studies)

Karen Wareing (BSocSc Social Policy and Social Work, 2004 PG Cert Child Care)

Michael Yuille (BA English)


Colin Bemrose (PhD Chemical Engineering)

John Pitts (BSc Mechanical Engineering)


Sonia Stojanovic nee Martyniak (BA German Studies)


Labib Abs (MSc(Eng) Civil Engineering)


Peter Hooper-Smith (BCom(Acc) Accounting and Engineering)

Daniel McCannell (Occ/Sp History)


1992 - 25th Anniversary Reunion

Tamara Abood (LLB Law)

Angelo Agathanggelou (BSc Medical Biochemistry, 1998 PhD Pathology)

Paul Allan (BEng Chemical Engineering)

Nicola Bishop (LLB Law)

David Butler (BEng Chemical Engineering)

Amanda Charalambou (BSc Medical Biochemistry)

Sara Claxton (BSocSc Geography)

Helen Crabbe (BSc Geography)

Tina Culpin (BCom(ACC) Accounting)

Christina Francis (BSc Mathematics and Statistics)

Helena Gunn nee Jenkins (BEng&BCom Engineering Production)

Rebecca Harding (BA German Studies)

Liz Jordan (BA Medieval and Modern History)

Maxine Lintern (BSc Medical Biochemistry, 1996 PhD Physiology, 2004 PG Cert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education)

Peter Maguire (LLB Law)

Karen Mersh (LLB Law, 1993 PG Diploma Business Administration)

Helena Morrissey (BMus Music)

Stephen Murphy (BEng Chemical Engineering)

Margaret Nelson nee Moody (UG Diploma Speical Education (Hearing Impaired))

Henrietta Palmer (BA Philosophy)

Gaynor Pettit (1992 BEng&BCom Engineering Production)

Amanda Prowse (BSc Biochemistry)

Sean Rose (BSc Biological Sciences)

Paul Rushton (BA Medieval and Modern History)

Justine Ryan (BSc Biochemistry)

Paul Taylor (BEng Chemical Engineering)

Susannah Vaughan nee Grove (1992 BEng&BCom Engineering Production)

Graeme Walker (BEng Chemical Engineering)

John Walker (BEng Chemical Engineering)

Rachel Tomlin née Watson (BA Cultural Studies)

Jo Wilson (BCom Commerce)



Gladys Edge (BPhil(Ed) Education)

Sally Martin nee Rucker (LLB L/F Law)



Alan Halewod (MPhil(Eng) Civil Engineering)

Ginny Moniak (BA French Language & Literature)

Deborah Newberry (LLB Law, 1997 Occ PG Legal Practice)



Ann Gudiens (BA English/French Studies)



Judy Chow (2000 MBA Public Service)



Obiajulu Okoye (MSc Clinical Neuropsychiatry)