Reunion Attendance List

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1964 - Golden Reunion

Michael Briggs (BSc Chemical Engineering)


1965 - Golden Reunion

Richard Allen (BCom Industrial Economics & Business Studies)


1967 - 50th Anniversary Reunion

Helen Allen (BSocSc Social Study)

Elizabeth Ballantine (BSc Botany)

Christopher Brough (BA Geography)

Peter Hartley (BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Jennifer Lambert (BSc Biological Sciences)

John Newbury (BSc Physics)

Glenys Pickens (BSocSc Social Study)

Beryl Powling (BSocSc Social Study)


1972 - 45th Anniversary Reunion

David Pickles (BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Stephen Warwicker (BSc Mechanical Engineering)


1977 - 40th Anniversary Reunion

Shelagh Facchini (BSocSc Geography)

Mary McDonnell  (LLB Law)

Kay Nellins (LLB Law)

Jean Newton (LLB Law)

Rosalind Wright (LLB Law)



Vincenzo Facchini (PhD Biochemistry)



Ahmet Nejat Arda (BSc Mechanical Engineering)



Daniel McCannell (Occ/Sp History)


1992 - 25th Anniversary Reunion

Tina Culpin (BCom(ACC) Accounting)

Liz Jordan (BA Medieval and Modern History)

Paul Rushton (BA Medieval and Modern History)