Alumni Memories and News

1985 reunion lunch

We are hoping to get as many people as possible to the reunions and create a truly memorable day.   Expand the sections below to see lists of lost alumni from your year, attendance lists of those already confirmed for the reunions, and memories and news sent in by your classmates.

Lost Alumni 

We are hoping to get as many people as possible to attend the reunion, but over the years we have lost contact with some of our alumni. So that we can invite as many people as possible, we have produced a list of those alumni for whom we have no contact details whatsoever. View the lists of your year group to see if there is anyone you know. If you recognise a name on this list and are able to provide some new information, we would appreciate the opportunity to update our database.  You can email us at or call us on +44 (0)121 414 2773 or 2744.

1963 Lost Alumni List (PDF - 81KB)

1968 Lost Alumni List (PDF - 99KB)

1973 Lost Alumni List (PDF - 122KB)

1978 Lost Alumni List (PDF - 152KB)

1988 Lost Alumni List (PDF - 133KB)

Attendance Lists

See which of your fellow alumni have confirmed their attendance at the anniversary reunion.  We will update this section as bookings are received. Alumni listed have given their permission to be included in these lists.

Golden Reunion

Dr Peter Anderson (1960 MBChB Medicine)

Judith Arthur [née Brook] (1957 BCom Commerce)

Martin Axtell (1961 LLB Law)

Geoff Barford (1960 BCom Commerce)

Thomas L Barker (1961 LLB Law)

William Bell (1947 BSc Civil Engineering)

John Bray (1957 BSc Civil Engineering)

Norma Broadbridge MBE [née Sheffield] President, GGAA (1954 BSc Botany, 1992 MSc Sport and Exercise Sciences)

Jeffrey Carpenter (1957 BA History)

Richard Chamberlain (1957 BA History)

Peter Davies (1954 BSc Mechanical Engineering

Christian Forgaard (1961 LLB Law)

Peter J Gough (1962 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Hazel How (1959 BSc Chemistry)

Mervyn How (1959 BSc Chemistry, 1962 PhD Chemistry)

Russ Jones (1960 BSocSc Economics Politics & Sociology)

Felicity Knight (1953 MBChB Medicine)

Peter Knight (1953 MBChB Medicine)

Arthur Lee (1956 BSc Metallurgy Engineering)

Bob (Michael) Parker (1953 MBChB Medicine)

Anne Phillips [née Calladine] (1953 MBChB Medicine)

John Pointon (1962 BCom Commerce)

David Riley (1958 BSc Chemistry)

Pamela Rogers [née Rose] (1953 MBChB Medicine)

Peter Sagrott (1946 BSc Chemistry, 1949 PhD Pharmacology)

John Sharpe (1960 BCom Commerce)

Peter Stevenson (1954 BSc Geology)

Richard Whitehead (1959 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Class of 1963

Maurice Andrews (1963 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Jennifer Beever [née Field] (1963 BSocSc Economics Politics and Sociology)

Dr Ron Brooks (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering, 1964 MSc Chemical Engineering)

Trevor Bullock (1963 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Angus Cairns (1963 BSc Physics/Maths)

Melvyn Carlowe (1963 BSocSc Economics Politics and Sociology)

Chris Carter (1963 BA Geography)

John Chapman (1963 BSc Applied/Pure Science)

James Chislett (1963 BA German Studies)

David Cobourne (1963 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Mike Coe (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Brian Downes (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering, 1964 MSc Chemical Engineering)

Ken Ellis (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering, 1965 MSc Chemical Engineering)

Ann Fletcher [née Newing] (1963 BSocSc Economics Politics and Sociology)

Brian Fletcher (1963 BCom Commerce)

Dr Peter Ford MBE (1963 BSc Physics)

Mike Gallagher (1963 BSc Mathematical Physics)

Brian Gibson (1963 BCom Commerce)

Phil Gulliford (1963 BSc Civil Engineering)

Ron Haden (1963 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Sandra Halford [née McDonald] (1963 BDS Dentistry)

John Hamshere (1963 BA Geography)

Rob Henstock (1963 BSc Mathematics)

David Huntington (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering, 1967 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Janet Jennings [née Cannon] (1963 BSocSci Economics Politics & Sociology)

Dr David King (1963 BSc Chemistry)

Ian Knights (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Robin La Barre (1963 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Fiona Ligonnet [née Chapman-Purchas] (1963 BA Archaeology & Ancient History)

David Mander (1963 LLB Law)

Richard Matthews (1963 BDS Dentistry)

Mike Meredith (1963 BSc Zoology & Comparative Physiology)

Ian Mulder (1963 BA French)

J Charles Nicholson (1963 BSc Mathematical Physics)

Tim O'Hagan (1963 BA Geography)

Graham Pirnie (1963 BSocSc Economics Politics & Sociology)

Hilary Rayner [Lea] (1963 BSocSc Economics Politics & Sociology)

Jairam Reddy (1963 BDS Dentistry, 1998 DDS Honorary Degree)

Omund Revhaug (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Mike Rowe (1963 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Judith Samson (1963 BA Russian)

Dennis Scotter (1963 BSc Physics, 1967 PhD Physics)

Pamela Sedge [née Dight] (1963 BSocSc Economics, Politics & Sociology)

Marlene Simpson (1963 BSocSc Social Science)

Roy E Smith (1963 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Jim Thornley (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Lt Cdr Anthony G Tottle (1963 BSc Industrial Metallurgy)

Doris Eiriol Townsend [née Lewis] (1963 BA Russian)

June Webber [née Briggs] (1964 BA French)

Mike Webber (1963 BA English)

Robin Wilcockson (1963 BSc Chemical Engineering, 1967 PhD Chemical Engineering)

David Wright (1963 BSocSc Economics Politics and Sociology)

Dick Wright (1963 BSc Civil Engineering)

R Peter York (1963 BSc Civil Engineering)

Class of 1968

Ruth Alderson [Horn] (1968 BA Physical Education)

Phil Arundel (1968 BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1971 PhD Mechanical Engineering)

Brian Bakewell (1968 BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1973 PhD Mechanical Engineering)

Daphne Balchin [née Brown] (1968 LLB Law)

Ashley Beeby (1968 BSc Chemistry)

Rozanne Beeby [née Baddeley] (1968 BA Geography

Adrian Brown (1968 BSc Physics)

David Brown (1968 BSc Bacteriology)

Geoff Carter (1968 BSc Physical Metallurgy)

Ron Champion (1969 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

David Clements (1968 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Mike Coleman (1968 BSc Physics)

David Coveney (1968 BSc Engineering Production)

Robert Edwards (1968 BSc Physics

Robin Gilbert (1968 BSocSc Economics, Politics & Sociology)

Shirley Gowers [née Moore] (1968 BA Physical Education)

Jackie Grant [née Potter-Smith] (1968 BSocSc Economics, Politics & Sociology)

Richard Grant (1968 BSocSc Economics, Politics & Sociology)

Charlie Halliday (1968 BSc Physics)

Anna Harris (1968 BSocSc Economics, Politics & Sociology)

Dr Ruth Heinsheimer (1968 MBChB Medicine)

Graham Hull (1968 BSc Physics)

Richard Lowth (1968 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Jon Marx (1968 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Kathryn Morgan [Treadgold] (1968 BSc Physics)

Rod Mullick (1968 BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Peter Newman (1968 BSc Physical Metallurgy)

Brian Orange (1968 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Ken Pool (1968 BSc Mathematics)

Richard Potter (1968 BSc Physics)

David Rickwood (1968 BSc Biochemistry)

Andrew Scudamore (1968 BSc Chemistry)

John Simmons (1968 BSc Mechanical Engineering

Mike Spencer (1968 BSc Mathematical Physics)

Peter Taff (1968 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Richard Townsend (1968 MA Centre of West African Studies)

Martin Waldron (1968 BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

David Whitworth (1968 BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1971 MSc Engineering Production)

David Wilkinson (1968 BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Chris Williams (1968 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Chris Woodward (1968 BSocSc Russian)

Frances Woodward [née Beatty] (1968 BSocSc Social Study)

Class of 1973

Celia Adams [née Lewis] (1973 BSocSc Economics)

Mercy Addo [née Ansah] (1973 BA English)

Stella Ayling [née Wehl] (1973 BA Ancient History & Archaeology)

Raymond Francis Baker (1973 MBChB Medicine)

Ken Ball (1973 MSc Thermodynamics)

Mike Baxter (1973 BSc Mathematics and Computer Science)

Chris Beasley (1973 LLB Law)

Helen Berry (Secretary to School of History, 1968-88)

Bruce Clifford (1973 BA Mathematics)

Rosemary Clifford [née Morris] (1973 BSc Mathematical Statistics)

Derek Cooper (1973 BSc Physics)

Lorraine Corscadden [née Gibb] (1973 BSc Biological Sciences)

Jackie Crampton [Miller] (1973 BSc Geography)

Jayne Crooks [née Tinkler] (1973 BSc Mathematics)

Derrick Edgerton (1973 BSc Medical Biochemistry)

Phil Edwards (1973 BSc Psychology)

Richard Franceys (1973 BSc Civil Engineering)

Sue Griffith (1973 BSc Geography)

Mary Hase (1973 BA Philosophy)

Dr Stella D Heaton (1973 BDS Dentistry)

Martin James (1973 BSc Physics)

Mrs Rosalind Jannsen (1973 BA Ancient History & Archaeology)

Teresa Johnson [née Leeson] (1973 BA Classics)

Steve Karpel (1973 BSc Chemistry)

Janet Kelly [née Bateman] (1973 BA English)

Margaret Lipton [Kruber] (1973 BSc Biological Sciences)

Bill Merriam (1973 MBChB Medicine

Peter Mountford (1973 BSc Physics)

Robert Moyle (1973 BSc Civil Engineering)

Jonathan Nason (1973 BSocSc Economic & Social History)

Cllr Robin Parker (1973 BSc Physics)

Tony Pearce (1973 BSc Civil Engineering)

Hazel Pool (1973 BSc Chemistry)

Norman Revell (1971 BSc Mathematics)

Trish Roscoe [née Macey] (1973 BA English)

S Roy (1973 MSc Thermodynamics)

Ian Statham (1973 BSc Physics)

Elizabeth Stones [née Madeley] (1973 BA Medieval & Modern History)

Paul L Walker (1973 LLB Law)

Steve Walker (1973 BSc Physics)

Simon White (1973 BA Medieval and Modern History)

John Williams (1973 BSc Physics)

Peter Winter (1973 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Gary Yates (1973 BSc Physics)

Class of 1978

Brian Altchuler (1978 BSocSc Psychology)

Graham Bartlett (1978 BSc Civil Engineering)

Elaine Berry [née McMenamin] (1978 BSocSc Mathematical Economics)

Jeff Bishop (1978 BSc Civil Engineering)

Caroline Bristol [née Jacobs] (1978 BA Geography)

Carol Dagnan [née Jones] (1978 BA Geography)

Elizabeth Davies (1980 BA Physical Education)

Michael Forrest (1978 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Sarah Foulds (1978 BSocSc International Studies)

Grant Goodlad (1978 LLB Law)

John Harding (1977 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Suma Harding [née Kallumpram] (1978 BA German Studies)

Linda Harrison (1978 BA Medieval and Modern History)

James Hockley (1978 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Nick Humby (1978 BCom(Acc) Accounting and Finance)

Rick Johns (1978 BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Pat Keen (1978 BSc Geography)

Celia Kennedy (1978 BA Medieval English)

Geoffrey Matthews (1978 BSc Civil Engineering)

Sue McGlen [née Gray] (1978 BA English)

John McGoldrick (1978 BSc Civil Engineering)

Marilyn McKeever [née Baker] (1978 LLB Law)

Heather McNeill (1978 BA Geography/Physical Education)

Linda McSherry (1978 BSc Civil Engineering)

Catrin Miles (1978 BSocSc Political Science & International Studies)

Jane Mitchell (1978 BA Medieval and Modern History)

Sian Morphet [Evans] (1978 BSc Geography)

Rosie Nash (1978 BSc Civil Engineering)

Hugh Pallot (1978 LLB Law)

Sue Pallot (1980 BA French)

Martin Pick (1978 LLB Law)

Judith Sisson (1978 BA Geography)

Stephen Stanford (1978 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Kate Stocks [Evason] (1978 BMus Music)

Richard Warrington (1978 LLB Law)

Karen Watkins [née Smith] (1978 BSocSc International Studies)

David Wells (1978 BCom Commerce)

Paul Wood (1978 BCom(Acc) Accounting and Finance)

Class of 1988

Lisa Akeroyd [née Goodacre] (1988 BSc Geological Sciences)

Eluned Bacon [Thorne] (1988 BMus Music)

Sue Best [née Gower aka Stodart] (1988 BSc Software Engineering)

John Blakiston (1988 BCom Commerce)

Sarah Blowen (1988 BA French & History)

Julie Bostock [née Marsh] (1988 BSc Psychology)

Wendy Boswell [née Riley] (1988 BMus Music)

Julie Breslin [Price] (1988 BCom Commerce)

Jane Bunyan [née Creer] (1988 BSc Psychology)

Rupert Bushell (1988 BSc Biochemistry)

Leslie Castle (1988 BSc Mathematics)

Mark Cheesman (1988 BSc Psychology)

Dr Fida Chisti (1988 BSc Computer Science and Electronic Engineering)

Fiona Cotter (1988 LLB Law)

Sally Cox (1988 BCom Commerce)

Fiona Creasey [née Hamilton] (1988 BCom Commerce)

Jeremy Creasey (1988 BSc Chemistry)

Carol Davies [née Bamsey] (1988 BSc Geological Sciences)

Russell Deards (1988 LLB Law)

Chris Esdaile (1988 LLB Law)

Junior Forbes (1988 BCom Commerce)

Michael Forkan (1988 BCom(Acc) Accounting)

Daniel Freedman (1988 BSc Physics)

Jo Freeman (1988 BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Jaspal Gillar (1988 LLB Law)

Mark Griffiths (1988 BSc Physics)

Philip Grose (1987 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Samantha Grose [Marshall] (1988 BEng Chemical Engineering)

Bec Hampson (1988 BCom(Acc) Accounting)

Barbara Harding-Jones (1988 BA French & Russian)

Ralph Harris (1988 BEng Chemical Engineering)

Jo Haycock [née Goode] (1988 BSc Psychology)

Kathryn Hearn [née Donachie] (1988 BA English)

Jo Hill [née Slater] (1988 BCom Commerce)

Helen Hubert (1988 BSc Mathematics & Psychology)

Peter Jorysz (1988 BSocSc Geography/Planning)

Janet Lax (1988 BMus Music)

Becky Lindsay (1988 BEng Chemical Engineering)

John McGreevy (1988 BSc Physics)

James Neophytou (1988 BCom(Acc) Accounting)

Liz Newby [née Savage] (1988 BA Geography)

Austin O'Malley (1988 BCom(Acc) Accounting)

Dave Powers (1988 BSocSc Money Banking and Finance)

Emily Pullar (1988 BCom Commerce)

Simon Reid (1988 MEng & Man Mechanical Engineering and Management)

Jo Sayer (1988 BSocSc Public Policymaking & Administration)

Dr Andy G Sellars (1988 BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Andrea Shiels [née Garlick] (1988 BCom Commerce)

Steve Speakman (1988 BSc Physics)

Stella Spratley (1988 BSc Geological Sciences)

Anthea Sully (1988 BA Music, Drama and Dance)

Sharon Tanner [née Baldock] (1988 BSc Psychology)

Anita Twiddy [née Harrison] (1988 BCom Commerce)

Paul Twose (1988 BCom(Acc) Accounting)

Mohammed Wasim Butt (1988 MSocSc Money Banking and Finance)

Alumni memories and news

As alumni send in photographs and memories from their time at Birmingham, we will update this section on a weekly basis.  Send your photographs and memories to us at

Phil Arundel (1968 BSc Mechanical Engineering, 1971 PhD Mechanical Engineering): "I particularly remember the lovely campus, the space provided by the adjoining playing fields and all the 'new' buildings."

Mike Webber (1963 BA English): "Now retired. Formerly Director General of a food industry trade association.  1992 awarded OBE for services to the food industry.  Married for 47 years (and counting!).  Four daughters, five grand-daughters and two grandsons."

R. Peter York (1963 BSc Civil Engineering): "Great to commence studies in brand new building - by canal.  I must have been one of the few engineers in the University choir, led by Prof. Anthony Lewis.  The experience has kept me singing for nearly 50 years with the Royal Choral Society."

Leslie Castle (1988 BSc Mathematics): "Founders on a Friday night."

Peter Davies (1954 BSc Mechanical Engineering): "1. Visit of Greer Garson to talk in the Students Union.  2. Roller skating each Saturday morning in the Phys. Ed. department.  3. The newly-opened Mech Eng department facilities.  4. Camps at Lake Coniston on vacation (summer)."

Karen Watkins [née Smith] (1978 BSocSc International Studies): "Enjoyed the friendly group of fellow 'International Studies' students terrified of the paternoster lift in Muirhead Tower but not as terrifying as Margaret Hilton (French Prof!)"

Trish Roscoe [née Macey] (1973 BA English): "I fell in love with Birmingham University when I came to the interview and encountered the beautiful Barber Institute and then the lovely green campus.  The world opened up when I met fellow students from all over the world with different cultures and customs.  And I grew to love Birmingham city with its diverse, friendly population.  The English department held some interesting characters e.g. Malcolm Coulthard and David Lodge.  My favourite course was Contemporary Cultural Studies where Stuart Hall and Michael Green expanded our minds culturally and politically.  The friends I made in week one are still dear friends.  We meet regularly and revel in our different lives and shared memories."

Brian Orange (1968 BSc Chemical Engineering): " I much enjoyed my 3 years in Edgbaston.  I started in the brand new Lake Hall for 2 years, before taking a flat with 4 others down the Bristol Road.  One of my sons, Simon, did 3 years for a BSc in Biochemistry and subsequently an MSc in Computer Science.  From 1976 to 2011 when I retired, I was the owner and MD of a chemical distribution company based in Winchester called Orange Chemicals Ltd."

Di Smith [née Diane Grewcock] (1968 BA History, 1969 PGCE): "My best wishes to the class of 1968, particularly those who studied History with me. Following my PGCE course, I spent the whole of my career teaching in Comprehensive schools in Nottinghamshire, beginning in West Bridgford and until retirement in Newark. Of my 3 children, one followed me and studied History at Birmingham. Our family is sport mad. I play tennis and golf and still love the opportunity to pick up a table tennis bat, remembering all those hours in the Union basement.  I wish you every happiness and an enjoyable retirement.”

Ken Ball (1973 MSc Thermodynamics): "Enjoyed my year with the group under leadership of Prof Frank Bannister and Dr Rayleigh and relaxing in the Post Grad Hut." 

Celia Adams [née Lewis] (1973 BSocSc Economics): "I have been happy to return to the University on the Audit Committee, Alumni Committee and to visit the University whenever I can."

Ann Fletcher [née Newing] (1963 BSocSc Economics Politics and Sociology): "I met Brian Fletcher (BCom) in my first term.  We married in August 1963 after graduation.  We will be celebrating our golden wedding anniversary this August with our 4 children and 9 grandchildren." 

Elizabeth Stones [née Madeley] (1973 BA Medieval & Modern History): "I am now retired, with time to travel.  This year I went to Mexico to see for myself what Professor Hawgood had shown us in his slides.  My life at Birmingham revolved round the staff and students of the History Department and I shall always remember everyone with great fondness." 

David Mander (1963 LLB Law): “An inspiring time with Professor Hood-Phillips and Dr Neville Brown.  My memories are all now being refreshed with one of my sons holding a senior position at the University and one of my grandsons becoming a ‘fresher’ this year!” 

Derek Pettit (1973 MBChB Medicine): “I am very sorry we are unable to attend the ’73 reunion, due to chronic health problems and a very imminent house move to Somerset.  I have wonderful memories up to Registrar level at Birmingham.  All best wishes to those at the reunion – I toast you!” 

Watch alumni share their memories from their time at Birmingham with footage taken at the 2010 alumni reunions.

Take a look at the Guild of Students: Our History publication (PDF - 3011KB) for more archive photos.


We would be delighted to receive any photographs from your time at Birmingham for inclusion on the reunion website, you can email these to or send them to Development and Alumni Office, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT and we can take a copy and return them to you.

A range of gifts and souvenirs to remind you of your time at the University of Birmingham are now available to order online.  Please visit


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1972 Vale Village - prospectus

1972 Vale Village - prospectus

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1977 Redbrick

1977 Redbrick

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1977 Redbrick

1977 Redbrick

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1977 Redbrick

1977 Redbrick

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1987 Muirhead

1987 Muirhead

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1987 Redbrick, March over loans

1987 Redbrick, March over loans

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1987 Redbrick, Snow Hill reopens

1987 Redbrick, Snow Hill reopens

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1962 Guild News

1962 Guild News

Sep 05, 2011
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