Children and Young People


Research undertaken at Birmingham, thanks to your support of the Circles of influence campaign, transforms children's lives every day. Issues affecting children are addressed by our experts in cancer sciences, psychology, sport and exercise sciences, education, and child-development. Our experts in developmental sciences have strong links with Birmingham Children's Hospital, meaning our research can make a real difference to the lives of children and their families.

Together we have...

Thanks to your support we have developed new drugs for combating childhood cancers in Africa. We have developed accurate, non-invasive diagnostic methods for treating children with brain tumours - the most commonly diagnosed solid tumour in children. We have developed a Children's Cancer Trial Team, in partnership with Cancer Research UK, ensuring that more children survive cancer than ever before.

Together we are...

We are seeking your support for a number of research developments that will help to improve the quality of children's lives: you can help yet more children in Africa survive Burkitt's Lymphoma by contributing to our comprehensive trials of new treatments, ensuring that they have the maximum impact possible; you can help us to detect autism at an early stage, and make more impactful interventions; and you can help us to tackle obesity in children and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Together we will...

Our projects both save lives and improve the quality of life. We will develop the early interventions that will ensure children with potentially life-affecting health and development issues are properly supported at a stage when they can benefit most. With your help, we will ensure that more children survive once-deadly diseases and are able to live happier, healthier lives.

To support our research and change a child's life, give today.