Heritage, Culture and Sport

The iconic Grade II* listed Aston Webb building

Birmingham is blessed with one of the most distinctive and inspiring campus environments of any university. With your help we will equip our historic Edgbaston campus with modern, world-class facilities that will enable our students and researchers to excel, and which will be an asset to the city.

Joseph Chamberlain, our first Chancellor (1900-1914) "When these buildings are complete, they will be the best of their kind in Europe, and perhaps the world"

The word 'campaign' comes from the Latin 'campus' (field). It is fitting that the development of our campus should be at the heart of our Circles of influence campaign. Instantly recognisable, our campus symbolises where we have come from and where we are going. It is a source of pride for our students, staff, and our many alumni.

Together we have...

During the first phase of the Circles of influence campaign, we have transformed our iconic Chancellor's Court through the construction of the state-of-the-art Bramall Music Building, we have undertaken a major renovation of our Medical School, and we have invested in facilities that have enabled breakthroughs across the humanities and the physical and social sciences.

Together we are...

We are seeking your support for three landmark projects: a new library for the digital age; a new sports centre, complete with the city's first 50m swimming pool; and a major redevelopment of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. Click on these projects to learn more about our plans, and how you can be a part of them.

Together we will...

With your support, over the next five years we will transform our campus as we reinterpret Chamberlain's vision to fit the needs of a 21st century university. We will ensure that our students, staff, and wider community have an environment which reflects the status and ambitions of their institution, and which inspires excellence and enables achievement.

To support the development of a world-class campus, give today or contact Matt Mangan [+44(0)121 414 6953].