Make the most of your gift

There has never been a better time to support the University as with Gift Aid, the value of your gift is worth 25% more.

For many donors, giving has tax benefits, reducing your gross income before you are taxed on your remaining earnings. This is particularly beneficial for higher earners.

Gift Aid


Gift Aid significantly increases the value of your gift to the University at no extra cost to you: simply sign the Gift Aid Declaration on the donation form and we will be able to claim Gift Aid on your current donation, any gifts made during the past four years and any subsequent gifts that you make. For every pound donated by UK taxpayers (excluding companies) we can reclaim 25p from HM Revenue & Customs. For your donations to qualify for Gift Aid you must have paid an amount of income and/or capital gains tax in each tax year that is equal to the tax that all the charities you donate to will reclaim on your gifts for the tax year. If you have previously made a Gift Aid Declaration and your tax circumstances have changed, please write or email to let us know.



Gift Aid and matched funding
Gift £1,000 
Gift Aid  £250 
Total £1,250


Find out more : HM Revenue & Customs Gift Aid information

Higher rate taxpayers

Income tax of 45% for those earning more than £150,000 per year is now in effect, plus restrictions in personal allowance eventually tapering down to zero for those earning more than £100,000.

This makes charitable giving significantly cheaper for donors in these categories, especially those who also claim Gift Aid.

Find out more: HM Revenue & Customs - tax efficient giving