University of Birmingham US Scholarship

Last year, the University and the US Alumni Foundation launched a joint Scholarship scheme to enable outstanding US students to pursue postgraduate studies at Birmingham. The US Postgraduate Scholarship is one of the most positive and impactful ways of supporting talented students, while raising the profile of the University in the US, and sustaining the relationship between the university and our US alumni. 

Kelly Leyden, first recipient of the US Scholarship "The Scholarship helps raise the international profile of the University while making Birmingham more attractive to American applicants who might not consider studying in the U.K."

Last year, the Board of the US Foundation personally funded most of the first scholarship, at a cost of $22,000. This helps pay for tuition fees and helps counteract the differences in cost of living and the monetary exchange rate compared to studying in the US. We now ask for your support to ensure that more talented young Americans can pursue their research careers amongst Birmingham's leading academics. Give today.

The kind of American students we will support...

The US Scholarship is for a one year Masters degree programme, in any subject area, and is awarded on merit.

Students who are eligible for the US Scholarship programme will have an excellent academic background, having already succeeded at bachelors level. They will also demonstrate excellence in other extra-curricular activities, whether on the sports field, in the music hall, in events, in societies, or through work experience or volunteering.

They will be a model student who can contribute to the University of Birmingham and positively represent the US, and reflect the enduring relationship between Birmingham and our alumni across the Atlantic.

In profile: Kelly Leyden, US Scholarship recipient

Kelly graduated from San Diego State University in 2010 with a BA in Psychology (with distinction). After graduating, she spent a year working at San Diego's Brain Development Imaging Laboratory, studying how activity is coordinated across different brain regions in children and adolescents with autism.

She applied to Birmingham after it was ranked in the top three - alongside Oxford and Cambridge - for Psychology in the latest Research Assessment Exercise, and she started her MRes in Cognitive Neuroscience and Rehabilitation earlier this year. Kelly will be focusing on developing a neuropsychological screening tool to be used with children with developmental difficulties, including autism.

"The quality of research is what drew me here, and when I found an amazing lab where I could use what we currently know about brain functioning differences to help children with autism and other developmental difficulties, I knew that it was the perfect place to be. I would love to continue with a PhD at Birmingham. The Scholarship helps me to stand out amongst the crowd and gives me a competitive edge for my future studies and academic career".

You can learn more about our autism research, and how you can support our researchers and students like Kelly, as part of our Circles of influence campaign.